I am having a day. Actually, a couple of days. I’ve been wanting to say I feel like my nerves are inflamed for a while now, but it sounded a little ridiculous to me. So I finally Googled whether or not nerves can be inflamed, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t just self-diagnose vestibular neuritis.

I can’t even express how much easier and more productive my doctor visits are about to become. Words are EVERYTHING, and at some point “brain cancer” and “ouch” are just too freaking vague to be helpful.

Of course, I’m always a little hesitant to be bringing things up to doctors after an online search, but then I keep reminding myself that my brain tumor diagnosis came only after I asked for MS to be ruled out.

Also, the crappy doctors with egos the size of Asia? They haven’t been in the picture for a while now. I can calm down about being ignored, but I do have to remind myself. My default setting is still panic about being charged hundreds of dollars for a professional gaslighting.

So, I would label my current experience a flare of vestibular neuritis. I’m dizzier than usually, hurtier (it’s a word now) than usual, and I feel so internally swollen I want to split open my skin and see if that brings any relief. I mean, I will refrain from slicing myself open, but just so you get the idea here.

Weather-related pain, migraine, oversensitivity to sound, light, and touch. I have it all folks. And as horrible as I feel, I am so grateful to see it as a whole, name-able thing.

Oh, coincidentally, I bought some of those Loop earplugs. I’m a fan. I got the Quiet version so I can still hear most things but I don’t wince at the pain of Dan’s normal speaking voice or feel assaulted by Boomer’s bark when a delivery person pulls up.

Despite not feeling like doing anything today, I did manage to get our move scheduled for next month with Two Men and a Truck. Our house is being listed privately until we move and it will be easier to get interior pictures for the full listing. Stuff is happening, and while I feel pressure, I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I probably exacerbated the conditions for a flare by pushing through four days of CZT training. But I am so glad I did it. Opportunity isn’t guaranteed to anyone, but when it presents itself, us unhealthy poors will move proverbial mountains to take advantage. Even if there’s only a miniscule chance we’ll make it through.

In the interests of recovery, I won’t be overdoing anything for a while, but I’m excited to even want to do stuff. Hope is a helluva drug.

More storms are in the forecast, so I know I need to be mindful of my screentime. Plus I want to save a little screen time for Letitia James appreciation Twitter. More later. Happy Wednesday, all.

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