I dont know who needs to hear this, but the next January 6 hearing is Thursday. Also, we move in ten days. TEN DAYS.

After an unscheduled vet visit with Izzy (she’s fine ) and a couple of chronic illness flares, we didn’t make it to the U-Haul place down the block to buy boxes. So I ordered an assortment of moving boxes from Amazon that won’t be here until Thursday. This is bad timing on someone’s part, but I’m going to say it isn’t mine.

My mom and brother will be coming next week to help us pack, but our goal is to get some stuff sorted and packed before they get here. We try hard not to be those people, even though we frequently can’t help it. Then, once the house is much less full, we can go public with the real estate listing for this house.

I’m trying not to stress out, but my life has been one giant ball of stress since 2013. Forget that “any port in a storm” stuff. I spent almost a decade not even believing in ports. Keeping my cool takes real effort.

Like most things in life, leaving here will be bittersweet. For instance, I look up at all the ceiling fans my dad installed and think about how I don’t want to leave them. (Have I mentioned before that grief is weird?) But then I remind myself that I’m moving into a place where he spent the last 20-ish years of his life, and it feels like I get to go home in a way.

I mean, I won’t be moving into the house—or even the state—I grew up in, but it’s not really about the physical structure or the latitude and longitude. I learned that lesson circa 1997 when my parents moved to Edwardsville and I stayed in Indiana to finish up my senior year of high school.

Sometimes I look back and realize just how bizarre my life so far has been.

Anyway, I haven’t seen the finished new digs even in pictures yet. In fact the last picture I saw was this:

My mom and brother thought it would be fun to have me guess which room that was taken from. I gave up after my brain started interpreting the shadows in multiple dimensions. And I wasn’t even on weed!

It’s cold and rainy here now, so I’m going to go hurt from bed. I probably won’t update the blog until after the move, so keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes well for us.

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