Good things are happening! We got an offer on the Urbana house and are scheduled to close by December 26. I mean it when I say we are all relieved. Starting the new year without that mortgage payment will ease the financial burden by a lot.

The city inspector came by yesterday to give everything one more look. We passed inspection inside, but there’s a pretty major fail outside. It’ll be fixed, but it’s not what I call an easy one. I know Mom is really looking forward to everything being done. So are we.

Izzy has never really been fond of people, and when you put a scaredy cat in a new place…well. The first week or two it was hard to keep track of her. Before the kitchen countertop was installed, she was hiding between the lower cabinets and the wall. Now that the countertops are in, she switches it up a little. Either on top of the antique secretary or between the top sheet and the quilt on my blanket.

Oh, random thing, but we tried a new flushable cat litter, and I recommend it enthusiastically. It doesn’t clump urine super well, but it’s okay. What I love (besides being able to flush it down the porcelain throne) is that it doesn’t stink like that dusty, scented clay stuff.

Boomer is equally spoiled. He’s had a couple of tough days, and I’m not sure why. But he got a french fry, and that had him laid up for a whole day. After he did a round of oral chemo for his chronic hepatitis, his already sensitive gut was just like “hell to the no.” I can relate. I’m clenching my teeth just thinking about it.

Anyway, here he is in his new bed on a day he was feeling pretty good. And also him begging Dan for a cookie. You know, as one does.

On Saturday Dan and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We tried a new Chinese place and were very disappointed. I don’t want to name the restaurant in case it’s just not our thing, but oof. Probably won’t be ordering from them again. Still fun to explore. Even if it’s just via DoorDash.

Oh! You might have already seen my GoFundMe update, but our campaign is fully funded. With that, I think we only need a few things for the house and basically it’s just stuff I want (as opposed to need). So I deleted our housewarming Amazon list, and am just back to using my personal wishlist. For the first time in a while, nothing on it feels extremely necessary. It’s just stuff that would be nice to have.

I always knew that money weighed very heavily on me, being disabled and having cancer and all, but I am feeling like I’m emerging from a pile of stone rubble. Keep voting like you might be sick or disabled one day. That’s my advice to everyone who thinks they’ve got good insurance because they don’t need it…yet.

We’ve got a teensy bit of really wet snow this morning, so I’m going to find something warm for breakfast. Have a lovely Tuesday, and giant THANK YOUS to every last one of you who helped us get here. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this on our own. Let my story and the Midterm election results remind you that good people are still out there.

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