I Can’t Think of a Good Title

I Can’t Think of a Good Title

I was going to do a lovely little post updating you on #AllTheThings after I tweaked my home page for the holidays, and now it’s two and a half hours later, and I forgot what I was planning to write about. So this post is one hundred percent off-the-cuff.

I got a new printer, a LaserJet this time. With the Black Friday deal, it was cheaper than the current list price and also cheaper to buy a whole new printer than replacing ink cartridges for the old printer. (I know, tale as old as time.) This means I only have black and white printing now, but I never printed anything in color anyway. Jury’s still out on how good or bad the M110 is, but it printed the test page beautifully. Also, I’m ridiculously happy with how small this thing is. I mean, lookit! It’s not a complete eyesore.

I haven’t decided what to do with the old printer yet. I mean, it still works as a scanner. I’m just not sure if I need that functionality. The new one scans with an app and my phone’s camera, but I’ll be honest. That sounds like a pain.

So what necessitated my buying a printer? The sale of the house in Urbana. I’m going to need to sign more documents with actual (as opposed to digital) ink to grant power of attorney—unless I sign in person. And I want nothing less than to ride in a car for 5 hours round trip just to be present for closing. It’s too much. And the reason I know it’s too much? Mom and I wen to the old digs Friday to pick up a few things we accidentally left behind. It wrecked me to travel…just to sit in the car. I’m still in great gobs of pain and it’s Monday now.

Let’s see… I have all of my holiday shopping done, though not all of it has arrived yet. I ordered these boxes from Walmart. Thought they were kind of cute. I could color them in if I feel up to it. Or I could just be like, “Have fun coloring this!” if it doesn’t work out.

Anyway, I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving that was so good I made another. I’ve also started making these chocolate caramel cookie bars. I’ve yet to get the melted chocolate on top, but the kind of great thing about the recipe is that I can do that whenever I feel well enough to tackle it.

Here’s the first pie I made. (The second one already has a slice missing, so I opted to forgo posting a picture of it.) I’ll tell you what the secret is: Libby’s pumpkin pie mix, room temperature eggs, and premade crust. I don’t like a lot of crust on my pumpkin pie. Your mileage may vary.

Aaaaaand just like that I’m done typing. Happy random Monday, y’all!

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