I’m in the mood to write about only good news, so that’s what you’re getting today. We’re getting a kitten, my lymph nodes aren’t cancerous, and my muscles are coming back online after a medication a-ha moment. Let’s take those things in order.

This is Oliver. We’re probably going to be calling him Ollie, and the animal shelter is currently calling him Funyun.

We aren’t picking him up until Friday, but we’re very excited.

Three more sleeps!

Izzy might not be terribly excited, but we hope because he’s a kitten her mothering instincts will take over. And if they don’t, well, they have plenty of room to go their separate ways. We are home all day every day, so even if she hated her new charge, we can find a way to keep the peace.

Speaking of Her Royal Highness…

Next up, I saw an otolaryngologist at Saint Louis University about some large and painful lymph nodes under my jaw. And he, like my oncologist, is confident this is not more cancer. The biopsy refers to them as “reactive.” No one knows what set them off, but it happens. Even among people who haven’t been on harsh cancer meds.

So I’m thinking the last round of chemo made them angry. They do cause some pain, and surgery is an option I’m contemplating, but there’s no rush. If they aren’t less hurty by the fall, I will probably have them cut out. And, yes, that all qualifies as good news.

Lastly, I’m weaning myself off of amitriptyline and after two nights, I already feel human again. I was in one of those catch-22s with it, and finally I decided I’d had enough. With no other explanation, I decided to do a deep-dive on my meds, their side effects, and potential interactions. I was like, increased heart rate? Wut?

But coming off antidepressants, even when they’re prescribed for pain and sleep, is not easy. If you’ve been around here a while, you might recall my lamenting on Cymbalta (actually generic duloxetine). Whoooweee. I might be done with off-lable prescriptions for antidepressants. Just give me some weed.

Anyway, it’s beautiful here, and I hope it is where you are too.

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