Gratuitous Kitten Photos

Gratuitous Kitten Photos

So since there’s a new member of the family, it seemed like a great time to share some gratuitous kitten photos with you all.

Got his paperwork and he was born March 5. (I was born March 4.)

Oliver, the kitten formerly known as Funyun, was everywhere at once and then just like that, he was zonked.

Izzy isn’t really happy about him, but she tolerates him while growling and hissing in his general direction.


I was never too fond of cats until I had one, but I was the same way about dogs once upon a time. Basically I think if I had a pet crayon, I’d be super attached to it once I gave it a name.

I don’t know if that’s a feature or a bug.

Since Boomer died, there’s been too much space around here. But we couldn’t really give another dog the kind of life it deserves because Dan spends so much time helping me, and I can’t really take anyone for walks.

Cats still need love, of course, but it’s a kind of love we are capable of maintaining without breaking our backs or the bank. I’ll always be a dog person, but that’s precisely why I know it wouldn’t be good for us to take in another one.

But anyway, enough babbling. Have some gratuitous kitten photos.

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