Shower Thoughts #7: Twice Indicted

Shower Thoughts #7: Twice Indicted

Another episode of my definitely very original Shower Thoughts series. If you’re new here, I consider being politically engaged a life-long obligation.

Either a skunk sprayed or 50 of my neighbors are smoking really bad weed in my backyard right now.

I think one of the most valuable lessons you can learn from a cat is that consent can be revoked at any time.

In a world where T**** and the GOP lie, cheat, and run their mouths all the time, a measured, competent Jack Smith is going to be awarded temporary hot unicorn status on the internet. Sometimes people need a hero. Ask Anthony Fauci.

I hope T**** doesn’t sleep a wink tonight and has anxiety diarrhea on a toilet that won’t flush.

I just finished reading the indictment document. Admitting the closest I got to law school was Valparaiso’s wait-list, I don’t see how any reasonable defendant does anything but put his hands out to be cuffed. Christ on a bike!

I want someone to ask Mitch McConnell if his judges were worth it. Keep a camera on him until he says yes, no, or dies.

I may never know the answers, but I have even more questions about all the politicians who visited Mar-a-Lago. Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy really stick out in my mind.

Mike Pence is what AI thinks a human is.

My unpopular opinion is let Judge Cannon show the world her ass again. Americans could use another lesson in identifying corrupt judges.

If you can’t celebrate the federal indictment yet, I get it. But here’s my perspective: It’s more enjoyable to be happy that there are people (in high places!) that care about what’s right and good and less important that people get what they deserve.

To be clear. Bad people getting what they deserve is still worth celebrating! It’s just a little lower on my list.

Instead of interviewing “financially challenged” cishet white dudes and “undecided” voters at diners, I want to hear from prison abolitionists who’ve made a moral exception for T**** and his GOP this election cycle.

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