Several weeks ago, Dan went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription. He came home in a foul mood, complaining about an employee. We’ll call him Gary.

Dan went on about the interaction for longer than is customary, but I chalked it up to Gary having a bad day and Dan not being in much of a mood to endure the nonsense. Sure, Gary was rude, but I worked with the public. I know some days you just got to let ‘er rip. And it’s usually not on the customers who truly deserve it. It’s the poor sots who come later, when your restraint is dissolved into a puddle of heterogenous goo.


I was wrong about Gary. He is just an asshole. Mom, Dan, and I went to get our flu and COVID shots early this week, and Gary’s demeanor was not at all suitable for public interaction.

“That’s the guy I was telling you about,” Dan leaned in while we waited and Gary said jerkish things to a woman picking up her prescription at the counter.”

When Gary was ready for us, he called us all back to a tiny room. “You can all just come back at once since this is a group appointment,” he said making a beeline for the room where vaccines are administered.

Before I could even get to my feet, Gary muttered, “Or not.”

“Dude,” I grumbled, scooting my rollator across the industrial carpet, “have a little patience.” I’m sure everyone in the waiting area heard the exchange.

When it was over my mom said, “The actual shots were less painful than that encounter.”

I’m leaving out several other annoying details because it’s not worth writing about.

Anyway, I’m vaccinated. Hooray.

In other news, Oliver is about 7 months old. As requested, here are some more pictures of him from my camera roll.

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