I’m stealing one from the PBS station playbook and asking for support from viewers like you. It’s helpful for you to do a lot of things besides or in addition to donating. Everything matters, and I’m grateful for the support.

It’s time to renew site hosting. While I won’t have to take this puppy offline if I don’t get help, it is $200 annually to run this blog. That’s a good chunk o’ change for a girl on SSDI, and the site isn’t (yet) self-sustaining.

(But it’s still way cheaper than therapy, so.)

There are non-money and money ways to support me. You might be doing them already. Thank you! You might not be doing any of them. That’s fine. Thank you for reading!

Non-money ways to help out:

  • Share a post or video
  • Like a video
  • Comment on a video
  • Subscribe to my blog or YouTube channel
  • Click an affiliate link next time I recommend something

Ways to make a financial donation:

Thanks in advance for all your help. And thanks in arrears for the support so far. I leave you with some cat photos for your enjoyment and I’ll be back to regular blogging in the next one.

Peace, love, and medical marijuana.

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