Dan couldn’t find the banana bread this morning. Apparently one of the cats (I’ve got my suspicions who, and his name rhymes with folly) knocked the bakery package off the kitchen counter and pushed it under the secretary while we weren’t paying attention.

Weewoo. Weewoo.


Joke’s on Ollie, though. Because I buy the wet food, and I am vengeful. Izzy can take or leave the canned stuff, but Oliver will just die without it. The way he cries and carries on every time someone’s in the kitchen, you’d think he was neglected and abused and not absolutely spoiled rotten.

At least Izzy knows she’s a princess.

[Abruptly changes topic.]

My pain is high again today, but I did manage to splash some watercolor on a Zentangle tile. No line art yet, but I’m giving myself credit for doing something creative anyway. Still limiting my upright time so I have enough juice to LegXercise a little every day. Still no idea what’s going on with my lymph nodes, but I really am trying not to dwell on the diagnosis.

I’ll catch myself being like “maybe it’s a raging ear infection,” then remember I’ve done antibiotics twice already to no avail, then I’ll tell myself to do something better with my time because all of these questions have been asked and answered already.

So I don’t have much else to write. I just wanted an excuse to post cat photos. The excuse is: I wanted to post cat photos.

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