Infectious Disease Appointment Scheduled

Infectious Disease Appointment Scheduled

I have an appointment with an infectious disease doctor! It’s not until the middle of May. On the one hand that feels so far away. On the other hand, I really need the bills to be spread out so I have time to raise money, so…yay?

While poking around in my patient portal, I realized there are a couple of outstanding blood test results from Friday’s visit with Dr. Onc. 

One of them, an ANA test, is a repeat test I remember having at least twice prior to my brain tumor diagnosis. It was irregular then, but those results were not actually helpful. So I don’t anticipate getting anything valuable from the results this time either. 

In fact, while reading up on it again and discovering how uselessly hedge-y the interpretation of antinuclear antibody test results can be, I wonder why it’s ever ordered. 

Whatever. There’s always a chance it’ll provide a clue. Right? I guess? Maybe?

The other is an HIV test. Dr. Onc just shrugged at that when he mentioned it, as I recall. Y’all, he’s trying. Seriously trying. 

It’s really hard not to be mad at my body, but I think it’s more accurate to be mad at my blood. It never, ever reveals anything helpful. At least my brain is like, “would you please look at this fucking thing?”

[Please pardon me while I take a moment to process the resentment I have for the nurse practitioner who laughed at me for using the word “seronegative” back in 2016—presumably for not buying formal medical training entitling me to use terminology we’d both understand.]

Anyway, thanks to my friend Eva, I’ve got some extra birthday cash to put towards my bills. It might seem like a not-fun way to spend birthday money, but I assure you it’s worth the lifted weight to get closer to a zero-balance. Particularly with the cancer center.

It might not always seem like it by my writing, but I want to state for posterity that the people who do the work do deserve to get paid well for it. It’s the US healthcare system that puts the strain on me now. Jacking up prices and hurting patients are the inevitable consequences when the insurance company’s only goal is profit.

But now I’m just repeating things I’ve said a thousand times before.

Have a nice Monday.

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