Oh My God Do I Try

Oh My God Do I Try

We’ve got a grocery delivery coming this morning, and I’m getting Cheerios with veggies blended in. It takes very little to entertain me these days, and trying new food is easy. I mean, eating is something I need to do anyway, right?

I recently announced to social media that I plan to become a candy influencer if I get some energy back. You know, let candy companies send me new stuff for free in exchange for a review. (It would pair well with my other hobbies. Heh.) But maybe I should expand to any food though. Even stuff that doesn’t contain added sugar.

I’ll probably blog about the Cheerios after I have a chance to try them. The store had Blueberry Banana and Strawberry Apple varieties available. So I got one of each.

I finished paying the last of my current medical bills this morning, and I am trying not to think too much about how that round of $1,500 and a couple of invasive procedures got me nowhere.

Wait. That’s not entirely true. It did help me rule stuff out. I need to remind myself of that to keep from getting cranky. But I don’t have any answers yet, and that’s frustrating. Typical, but frustrating.

I have noticed that taking Flonase for my seasonal allergies has reduced some of my inflammation. I guess because it’s a steroid? It’s inconsistent—probably not a big enough dose—but any port in a storm right?

My lymph nodes remain huge, but I’m not going to know much about why until at least next month. And then only if the rheumatologist finds something definitively wrong. So in the meantime I’m trying to not be a horrible grouch. It’s not my place to say whether or how successful I am, but I try. 

Oh my god do I try!

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