One Zentangle Page a Day

One Zentangle Page a Day

I spent the entirety of this weekend working on my website. Things went well until I broke a couple of pages, including my How to Draw Zentangles: One Zentangle a Day page.

Luckily (or not) I had a single small cup of coffee yesterday morning and was awake all freaking night anyway. So I fixed it.

And by fixed it, I mean I started over from scratch. I’m slow and inefficient, but I didn’t want the page to be down longer than necessary. I’m trying to pay bills, and I need search engines to send traffic my way.

Hopefully How to Draw Zentangles: One Zentangle a Day (yes, that’s a clunky sentence but I need the keyword and my brain is mush) is slightly better now. It was really getting bogged down while trying to load far too many embedded Zentangle videos from YouTube.

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Plus, it was probably just time for a refresh. No one needs all 42 series videos on my site. It is literally YouTube’s job to host them.

I’m doing all these refreshes and tweaks and updates from my phone because I am still struggling to use my right (dominant hand) to control and click a computer mouse. Yes, my muscles are that weak.

It’s not ideal, but it’s possible. So I’m rolling with it.

I hope to revamp some more Zentangle webpages here soon, but some of the ideas I have are too big to implement without help, and I don’t think I can explain what I want or how to do it without utterly exhausting myself. And, at that point, why not just do it myself?

That’s the story of my life. The inability to delegate. So I’ll take it slow and maybe try to update One Zentangle page a day. Wish me luck or something.

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