I don’t know what’s come over me, except perhaps some super literary delusion. But won’t you feel silly when I’m famous and you have to pay to read something that was once free.

I asked the writing community on Bluesky if anyone could help me turn WYGB into a PDF. Someone kindly mentioned Reedsy.com, and now not only do I have a better way of making edits and converting my memoir to ebook, it was so simple I had energy left over to ask for quotes and get some feedback on pitching to an agent.

Although I’m always on the lookout for people blowing smoke up my ass, some of the query letter review respondents seemed to genuinely like my sample and my pitch.

So if I can afford the coaching, have the energy, and it feels like a good idea, I might be seeking a path to publish traditionally. Those are a lot of really big ifs, though. Especially for a woman who spends so much time in bed.

I don’t know. I’m just considering the possibilities, pretending I live in a universe where 45,000 chemo-addled words are publishable. I’d like my suffering to make some money eventually. I mean, is this America or what?

So, here’s your warning. Read Who You Gonna Believe now in case I’m told I need to take it down, because cows and free milk. Or something.

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