Remember that iUniverse scam reporting I did in the tweens? Or should I say scams reporting? I’m bringing all of those posts back. Yes, they’re over a decade old, but it occurred to me that importing that work here might serve a few purposes.

First, it validates all the extensive research and writing I did on Author Solutions and iUniverse at the time. And there are a lot of articles. I know because I just spent a lot of time editing links on The Complete Index of iUniverse and Author Solutions Complaints.

Second, it helps me bridge the before-cancer and after-cancer identities I sometimes have difficulty connecting. I need a project, kids.

So tell your friends, because I’ve already been hit with bot traffic for this. I’m not sure if it’s a nefarious keyword war and Author Solutions is trying to take out what it sees as competition or if it’s a DDoS attack or what.

What I do know is how to block bad traffic.

Finally, as you know, I’ve been pondering how to make this site pay for itself (and maybe an MRI) and all of my old content should be helping me more. When I started over here, I saved my old stuff to a site. I lost a lot of the images from that time, but the text is here. And so am I.

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