Go Home, Merlin. You’re Drunk.

Go Home, Merlin. You’re Drunk.

Maybe on Wild Turkey.

I’ve had the window open most of the day. Much to Ollie’s delight. He likes listening to the birds as much as I do. He’ll jump up to the window sill and chatter delightedly at their busymaking.

This morning, though, he had serious zooms. Jumping up and back down and running to the next room to see what the birds were doing outside that window.

At one point, Ollie made impact with the floor as he was vocalizing a half-meow half-chirp while Merlin was recording. In a matter of nanoseconds, Merlin identified a wild turkey.

Oliver is heretofore nicknamed Wild Turkey.

While wild turkeys can be found around here, I didn’t see one. (And it’s not like they’re small.) Also, the recording playback was too faint to verify anything, even Oliver. When I listened to the different calls of the wild turkey, however, I noticed one gobble does sound kind of close to Oliver when he’s high on catnip.

So I’m declaring Merlin drunk. He’s not hearing well today.

In other frustrating news, there’s a starling AND a mockingbird out there, and I have no idea whether there’s actually another Eurasian Tree Sparrow, or I’m being punked by mimicry.

It’s really cool what those two species (sturnus vulgaris and mimus polyglottos) can do. Unless you’re trying to identify what’s genuinely in your area.

I don’t have the ability to track these sounds, but I imagine it must be endlessly frustrating to serious birders to have these two jerks send them on a wild goose chase.

Note to self: look up the etymology of “wild goose chase.”

Yesterday I had a starling and a veery at the same time. Again, I don’t know if it was a rare bird to add to my Life List or just the starling being a jerk. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though, and hopefully next Spring I’ll have a camera feeder to help with some of these IDs.

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