Something Came Over Me

Something Came Over Me

Something came over me yesterday. At first I thought it was allergies, but in the early evening I started running a low-grade fever. So, I don’t know. Flonase didn’t really touch it, so I went with Zyrtec—the nuclear option. I never know whether the medicine in that stuff works or I just sleep hard and forget to feel miserable.

In an effort to escape the Zyrtec fog this morning, I ordered us all breakfast from McDonald’s. The latte packs a nice little punch of caffeine. Might find out it’s too much when I try sleeping tonight, but that’s a problem for Future Emily. I live in the present.

Got a new bird this morning, because I don’t learn from my past allergy mistakes (see above) and keep the outside, you know, out. side.

Ovenbirds are new to me, and I had to look up why they’re called that. Here’s what All About Birds has to say:

“The Ovenbird gets its name from its covered nest. The dome and side entrance make it resemble a Dutch oven. The Ovenbird female weaves the cup, side entrance, and roof of her domed nest from the inside as a single, integrated piece. Then she drops leaves and twigs on top to hide it.”

They’re rare for this part of the world—a type of warbler here to procreate for the season—and too stinkin’ cute. Other new finds this week include: a Swainson’s Thrush and a Summer Tanager. I got my first Oriole of the season too, but I think I accidentally deleted the proof. Oops.

Abrupt subject change.

It’s June 1, so that means there’s another chapter of WYGB available on Substack. I already have 13 subscribers and more views than just leaving it here on my website, so I think re-posting the content there was a good decision.

Something came over me, though, and I reordered it. Putting what was previously Chapter 4 first. It seemed “Triggered”—the original first chapter—was kind of dull compared to “Liar, Liar.”

I’m not sure the switch works without edits, but I don’t have the ability to read it at the moment let alone make any potential changes. Luckily, this is the internet, and I have faith someone will let me know if it sucks.

If you like reading stuff via Substack or you just want to support the cause, you can sign up free here:

Still trying to pay off medical debt too, so have another GoFundMe link to share with your friends.

*crams link down your throat*

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