Dave’s Not Here, Man

Dave’s Not Here, Man

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had been approached by the marketers for—I’ll just say it now—Cheech & Chong to do a review of their hemp CBD Cruise Chews. The way it was supposed to work is I’d try the stuff, give my opinion, and then I’d drop an affiliate coupon link for anyone else who wanted to give the Cruise Chews a try, but apparently Dave’s not here, man.

After a simple back-and-forth e-mail exchange, I was asked to sign up with an affiliate marketing site I’d never heard of. (I’m not suggesting it isn’t a legit site; it has major brands. It was just new to me.)

I let the person who contacted me know I’d signed up.


A couple of days later, I was contacted by someone else about reviewing some muesli. The name was different, but I got the same form email about doing the review. I responded with my own form e-mail reply and was again asked to sign up with the affiliate site.

Again, that’s how these things go. I’m not implying bad faith.

I told the second marketer that I was already signed up.


Thinking maybe I needed to do more, I applied to both affiliate campaigns, mentioning the names and e-mails I’d exchanged. A new person responding on the site asked me how I intended to promote the Cruise Chews.

“Dude,” I thought. “This is a colossal waste of my time.” I didn’t bother to reply.

I’m not suggesting anything other than: this is a poor way to run a campaign, especially if you’re approaching someone sick with cancer and unspecified autoimmune crap. I just wanted to let you readers know I don’t think this is happening. Dave’s not here, man.

Maybe you’d like to make some cannabutter instead. Or try a competitor’s offer? I still have to pay bills.

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