I Can Do Anything

I Can Do Anything

I successfully canceled our old cable and internet today so I feel like I can do anything. I even went to the kitchen and got Oreos by myself and went outside today. Look out, world!

This morning I did a quick 10-minute Merlin session to calm myself before taking on AT&T customer service (I was anticipating a struggle but it was fine) and these are the birds that were in our backyard today:

I think these new compression socks I have are helping. In fact they feel so good, I bought some compression sleeves for my arms that are being delivered later today. I will report back after I’ve tried them, naturally.

A large part of my mobility problem is that I don’t feel stable and am anxious about falling every time I get up. I don’t trust my own muscles, and compression helps with that. Plus it relieves pain. A doctor has never said I needed compression gear, but whatever. I’m exhausted and they help.

The weather is beautiful and not too hot, so I got to spend some time outside making vitamin D. I didn’t have to spend it in direct sunlight, though, because we have the canvas roof up on the portable canopy now.

Wednesday morning is my CT scan. I don’t anticipate it’ll be helpful or find anything, but better safe than sorry. Or so I’m told.

The rheumatologist appointment I’m still dreading isn’t until next week. I’m back to my old head games of imagining the best way to present my symptoms and expecting the doctor not to listen. I hate it.

Switching gears because I don’t want to dwell on that: I have a new affiliate partnership with Skillshare, so if that’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, please use my link to sign up. There are all kinds of on-demand courses you can take from drawing to video editing, but you know I’m partial to the Zentangle ones.

Zentangle inspired art tutorial using patterns with a swirl theme being hand drawn and colored with watercolor pencils. Original Zentangle taught by Tracy Anne Wilkinson
Swirls taught by Tracy Anne Wilkinson.

A couple years ago, I completed a Zentangle on YouTube from CZT Tracy Anne Wilkinson, and I noticed that she has Skillshare classes too. If I ever get my grip back and can afford an iPad, I’m going for the Procreate stuff for sure.

Anyway, happy Monday!

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