I’m so proud of myself for pooping today, I should buy myself this T-shirt.

The exacerbated nerve pain increased rapidly after the edible wore off yesterday, so I decided not to be a hero. I took a 10mg (what now?) square of the Incredibles strawberry crunch bar around 4 o’clock. I microblogged some notes and will review the Incredibles edible like the Ache Away chews. But later. I don’t feel like doing it right now.

Anyway, that’s why I took 10mg again instead of reverting to my usual 5 mg. Easier to compare notes with like dosing.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I see today that the barometric pressure has topped up again and the weather should be stable for a couple of days. Fingers crossed that does the trick, and this present migraine is on its way out. Or I’ll have to shake my fist at a cloud or something.

Edibles are dehydrating, in case you’re not familiar. (If you don’t know how dehydration can complicate IBS-C, congratulations for being regular. I hate you.) So I have to drink extra water while sleeping 6 additional hours a day and doing my best bipedal sloth impression when I’m awake my eyes are open.

What I’m trying to say is that dragging a cup of water to my face while under the influence isn’t easy, but somehow I managed to negotiate an annoyingly troublesome side effect of medical marijuana before things got out of hand. I feel accomplished. Don’t take pooping for granted, people. Listen to your Auntie Em.

Also iced coffee is medicinal but looks like I’m just treating myself. So next time your evil co-worker Carol comes in with that Frappe, you have my permission to assume she’s cranky for reasons and giggle your way to 5 o’clock. I’m full of great life advice today. Bookmark this post. I’ll wait.

I have to take another nap now. Bye.

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