Intermediate Zentangle Ideas

Complete these intermediate Zentangle ideas and tutorials at any pace you want. Just find something that appeals to you, and go for it! Customize the difficulty to suit your mood and skill level.

I encourage you to use and share these prompts however you like. These and other Zentangle tutorials are available on my YouTube channel. Watch them if you’d like a little extra guidance.

27 Zentangle Ideas

Easy Zentangle Patterns for Beginners – Inspired by Project Pack No. 11
The wonderful people at Zentangle HQ create project packs a few times a year with accompanying Zentangle tutorials. If you want to learn more about the Inspiration for this Zentangle using phi proportions, be sure to see the official instructional videos for Project Pack 11.

Inktober zentangle tutorials

How to Draw Zentangle Pattern Khala
This pattern is a stunning variation on Celtic knots created by Zen Linea. I’m still learning to draw it confidently and find that starting with a pencil sketch is a good idea. I would recommend this Zentangle pattern for intermediate to advanced Zentangle fans.

Beginner Zentangle Pattern: Huggins
Huggins is a fun tangle pattern drawn by constructing a grid out of dots. It’s an easy pattern that can be embellished as much or as little as you like. The variation Crazy Huggins follows the same steps, but the dots are placed more randomly instead of on an evenly spaced grid.

Draw a Zentangle Gem
Incorporating colorful gems into Zentangles is so much fun and adds a lot of dimension to your art. The gem in the picture was colored using a basic set of colored pencils. Higher-quality pencils, however, are typically easier to blend and would allow for an even smoother result.

Create Zentangle Art Inspired by Home
Patterns are everywhere from wallpaper and pottery to fabric and ferns. But this prompt could inspire so much more than trying to recreate an existing pattern. I decided to use the design on a piece of heirloom furniture as the string for this meditative Zentangle art.

Subversive Cross-Stich Inspired Zentangle
If you’re just getting to know me, I should probably tell you that I am a HUGE fan of subversive cross-stitch sayings. I borrowed the saying “Maybe Swearing Will Help” from a picture I found on Pinterest. What can I say? Swearing speaks to me.

Draw a Zentangle Heart
Switched up my materials today and grabbed an alcohol marker, a purple Micron, and a purple Gelly Roll pen from the Moonlight set for this super easy to draw Zentangle Heart. Of course, I couldn’t draw anything until my cat Izzy rolled around on my desk for a few minutes first.

Zentangle An Illuminated Letter
When I chose this prompt for myself, I had illuminated letters in mind, like the ones Zentangle founder Maria Thomas creates. I didn’t have any metallic media to use at the time I created this Zentangle, so it’s colored with alcohol markers instead.

Zentangle Art Inspired by Delftware
The first time I saw someone working with the blue inks in Project Pack 7, I immediately thought of Delftware. But you don’t necessarily have to try to copy a Delft pattern for today’s prompt or even use blue ink. Just a friendly reminder to use these prompts as inspiration, not necessarily as rules or specific assignments. You do you, baby!

Draw Zentangle Border Pattern Coil Around a Circle
Lots of Zentangle patterns lend themselves to being used as a border and many of those border patterns are excellent for using as circle borders specifically. Or they could also be used as the edge of a Zendala or drawn within rows too.

Back to Basics: Easy Zentangle Patterns
Fill an entire page in your sketchbook from edge-to-edge with some basic Zentangles. Draw a string first to divide the page into smaller sections.

Organic Zentangle Patterns
Organic Zentangle patterns tend to be my favorites. In this Zentangle tutorial video you can see step by step how I created this mosaic-style tangle by outlining a Bijou tile and using flower pattern Henna Drum.

Zentangle Pattern Henna Drum

Zentangle Patterns Cubine and Zonked
When I’m drawing geometric Zentangle patterns it’s easy to get into a rhythm and zone out for some relaxing tangle practice. These two grid-based patterns aren’t difficult to draw, but they do take a little time and help me settle into drawing when I need pleasant distraction.

Zentangle “Holes”
For the prompt “holes” I used an alcohol marker plus a graphite pencil and tortillon for shading to make circles that look like three-dimensional holes in the sketchbook paper.

Easy Zentangle Inspired Art
Zentangle art can be used to fill larger objects and scenes. Although basic shapes make up most of the composition here, you will find the Zentangle patterns Printemps and Yincut easily.

Zentangle pattern design featuring abstract ladybugs around a gem colored with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils

Zentangle Pattern B’tweed
A monotangle makes use of a single pattern. I have divided a circle into eight parts and used B’tweed in all of them and created a Zentangle that looks spherical after it’s shaded.

Draw an Offset Zentangle Zendala
For today’s prompt, which is “Zendala” I wanted to draw a Zentangle that was different from what I usuallly do. So instead of using concentric circles that share the same center point for my string, I decided to do an offset Zendala.

Add Metallic Watercolors
I drew and painted some basic fall leaves and added couple of Zentangle patterns to create a simple drawing with an autumn feel.

Pick Random Patterns
The L5 spread of the Zentangle Legend booklet features 20 of Zentangle’s original patterns. I used the 20-sided die that comes in the project pack to randomly choose patterns Xircus, Poke Root, Keeko, and Hollibaugh.

Zentangle Meditative Grid
If you scroll up to the metallic watercolor example, you’ll see a grid, but I wasn’t really feeling like drawing the same exact square a dozen times. I decided to explore changing the grid size in different sections, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Give it a try.

Make an Existing Zentangle Pattern Your Own
In keeping with the minimalist theme, I’ve used a single Micron and graphite for shading a beginner Zentangle pattern.

Solar System Inspired Zentangle Art
I attempted to create a Zentangle art solar system. Disclaimer: my solar system is not to scale and I’m missing a couple of planets.

Inkblot Zentangle Art
I put down some random black india ink or watercolor blobs on a wet tile and then selected patterns that fit the abstract shapes created by the ink.

Zentangle with watercolor in black, white, and shades of gray on being drawn by hand on a cutting mat

Add Contrast to Zentangles with Masking
I used regular blue painter’s tape to mask the areas of the paper I wanted to preserve. The reveal when you peel up the tape is so satisfying!

Use Lots of Patterns in 1 Zentangle
There are several Zentangle patterns in this piece I drew for Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Title image for the post wasted noodle groove. Zentangle hand-drawn brain on a gradient pink background.

Create a Zentangle Zendala
I pulled out my watercolor pencils to create this Zentangle Zendala (Zentangle inspired mandala) design by Tracy Anne Wilkinson.

Zentangle inspired art tutorial using patterns with a swirl theme being hand drawn and colored with watercolor pencils. Original Zentangle taught by Tracy Anne Wilkinson

Zentangle Tranzending
Tranzending is drawing on top of an already completed tile. The layered effect can add extra depth to your tangles and help hide parts of a tile you don’t like.

For more Zentangle patterns and tutorials, see my 9 Easy Zentangle Patterns for Beginners video series.

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