In February 2017, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. (A grade II diffuse astrocytoma on my brain stem if the details interest you.) Forced to quit my 9 to 5 as a technical copywriter, I underwent brain surgery to biopsy the tumor and radiation and chemotherapy to try and beat it into submission. It shrank a little, but the damn thing is still sitting there and considered inoperable.

I’ve mostly adjusted to what doctors call my “new normal” and what people with no need for such euphemisms call “disability.” I’m in a relatively decent headspace most days, but my journey to diagnosis was fraught with trauma brought on by doctors who dismissed my symptoms and lazily slapped a fibromyalgia diagnosis on my chart. Oh yeah, plus now some insurance assholes are claiming I’m A-OK and have cancelled my disability benefits. (Update: After a year without pay, I finally won my appeal.)

So to summarize: I’m chronically ill, medically bankrupt, and being gaslit 24/7 by shills for a billion-dollar insurance company. But I’m not bitter. I’ve just got some…issues. And I tend to work out a lot of those issues publicly, on this here website because 1.) I can’t afford real therapy and 2.) oversharing gives me an outlet and a modicum of hope that my story can help someone else, serve some greater purpose.

Speaking of telling my story, I’m publishing a memoir to pay the bills. My narcissistic ex-husband thinks Who You Gonna Believe is about him, but really it’s about how being married to a compulsive liar taught me not to put up with assholes and how applying that take-no-shit philosophy to medical appointments probably saved my life. At the moment, it’s only available to my Patreon supporters but a $1 pledge gets you access.

Fun facts about me: I live in Urbana, Illinois with my husband Dan, my dog Boomer, and my cat Izzy. I post Zentangle videos on my YouTube channel. I’ve been a medical marijuana user since 2016. And I consider America’s for-profit healthcare machine a gross violation of basic human rights. Notable past employers include: The Saturday Evening Post, John Green, and Wolfram Research.

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Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll come again.