Brain Tumor

March 6, 9:46 am

First chemo & radiation treatments are complete.

Here’s how my morning went so far…

5 am: Take Zofran (anti-nausea)
5:30 am: Take Temodar (chemo)
6:30 am: Take regular morning meds
7:20 am: Get radiation
8 am: Have weekly meeting with radiation doc
9 am: Eat birthday cake

I’ve gained 10 pounds since they made my radiation mask. It’s hella tight now and a little disconcerting to say the least. The tech warned me that I had waffle marks on my face when she took it off. I looked reptilian and naturally made Dan snap a picture. The mask was so freaking tight.

Did I mention they clamped my head to a table with a mask and it was really tight? 😉

The hardest part of radiation though is lying on the table with nothing to do but ponder my circumstances. (Same for MRIs.) There was a fair bit of me trying not to ugly cry while they played the 80s rock station for me. Today was Paradise City, Shoot to Thrill, and Faithfully.

I am generally in good spirits, but have my moments. It’s healthy to have moments, I do believe.

The rest of my treatment appointments this week will be midday instead of early morning.

Brain Tumor

March 5, 7:24 am

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! They made my day!

Yesterday was fun, but today won’t be a repeat. I think I overdid it. Got a date with the couch today, and there’ll be a whole lot less of me saying, “No, I can do it. Watch!” when people offer to help.

Brain Tumor

March 4, 2:44 pm

Got an order of airsick bags being delivered Monday. Best to be prepared for these things, I guess. My dad did radiation several years ago and sometimes didn’t reach home before, well…

I also have a treatment wishlist on Amazon in the works with orders set to ship straight to my parents house. I plan to add some items for a very special caregiver named Dan to that list as well.