February 18, 1:46 pm

Wow. Two years ago. I was just commenting that I needed to follow up with Christie Clinic and say: It was a freakin’ brain tumor you douchebags. [In reference to the following Facebook Memory from February 18, 2015:] I got off the phone with the COO at Christie...

February 17, 10:09 pm

My mom rocks. Can’t hear anything over how cool my tumor cake is! Also, mom got me a tumor sign that gets me out of any and all responsibilities. 😂😂  

February 17, 2:43 pm

Mom says my hair is growing fast already. I might keep it buzzed forever though. Damp washcloth & I’m ready to roll! 😂 Still dealing with headaches, but they’re manageable with the meds & even though I’m not getting tons of sleep, I am...

February 16, 1:49 pm

Brief update today. I have some weirdness going on on my left side–tingling and numbness. I can feel pressure, but not temperature differences. Sometimes my hand twitches & shakes when I try to grab something. It could be anything at this point like...

February 15, 8:52 am

Waiting in my cozy new Deadpool hooded robe for the morning pain meds to kick in. Slept about 5 hours straight last night. W00t! Thanks for the Deadpool love, Dawn LaVella Miller.

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