Nothing Compares 2U

Nothing Compares 2U

For the past week I’ve been saying it’s time to shave my head again. I’ve also been waking up every morning with the song “Nothing Compares 2U” by SinĂ©ad O’Connor stuck in my nugget.


I’ll let you decide.

Oh, and fun fact: the internet tells me that song was written by Prince. A lot of times I read a fact like that and will be like, my entire life is a lie. This time, though, I absolutely hear it.

This morning Dan and I went to McDonald’s (curbside) to get my favorite chemo breakfast. I’m not overly proud of eating fast food this frequently. But on chemo, you do what you gotta do.

Plus, I put the restaurant app on my phone and they’ve been doing double points during breakfast hours. I’ve earned a free, large frappe. It’s caffeinated dessert at 9 am. Scratch that. It’s a LARGE caffeinated dessert at 9 am. And all I had to do to get it was eat there like four times this month.

And I can hear my haters now, “But Emily, you’re on a fixed income. You need to raise money again. Is eating out wise?”

To which I respond. “Clearly you know nothing about being poor or having cancer or being disabled or having a caregiver go a whole year without proper meds because insurance. But if you’re concerned, feel free to send me a gift card.

Besides, if my food stays down, so do the really pricey meds. My frappe is tasty AND frugal, baby! Tuck that away for when *you* get cancer. You’re welcome.”

Welp. It’s Thursday, and I have a lot to get to today: run Chad, shave my head, shower, fold a basket of laundry, update my Amazon list, and maybe play some Animal Crossing. 

Reminder: don’t say that “must be nice” or whatever unless you would also like to do all of that with brain cancer.

This is My Permanent Record

This is My Permanent Record

In case you were born yesterday, I’d like to preface today’s post by announcing that the permanent record doesn’t actually exist. It’s a lie. Like Santa Claus and his naughty list. Like being told that sitting too close to the TV will make you go blind. Like eating turmeric will prevent brain cancer.

The only permanent record we really have is the legacy we leave. This blog is my legacy, and from time to time I like to state things for the record.

This is one of those times.

After today’s continuation of the January 6 hearings and the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, I’d just like to point out that I knew.

I fucking knew.

I wasn’t the only one who knew, of course, but I don’t speak for anyone but me.

If you’ve read even the first few chapters of Who You Gonna Believe (it’s still free, btw) you might understand what I’m saying. But in case you haven’t read it and don’t plan to, allow me to explain *how* I knew, why I unequivocally denounced Donald Trump from Day One, and why I cut ties with people who defended him.

You see, “Rodney” (not my ex-husband’s real name) is Trump, but on a tiny scale. The differences are easy to see, but then so are the patterns.

Let me put it another way. Donald is a full-size violin and Rodney is a quarter-size violin. If you learn to play a scale on a quarter-size violin, that knowledge is transferable to the full-size.

The full-size violin has an army and political power and thinks he’s better than God. The quarter-size violin has a penis and a job in PR and thinks he can tell you how to act and what to feel.

Ahem. Not sure what made me think of that song.

So anyway, yesterday I said I wasn’t going to talk about the hearings here. And I mostly still mean that. I have no intention of rehashing details just so someone can “debate” me in the comments.

I just want to state very clearly and for my permanent record that:

The January 6 hearings might actually be the reason I’m sleeping better at night and not Animal Crossing.

People smarter than me are finally laying bare the entire truth.

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

Today wasn’t half bad. I’ve been sleeping well the last couple of nights. Of course, I’d like to know why that is so I can bottle the good stuff for later. But all I can do is speculate and marvel that I’ve woken up after about 9 hours of sleep in the same position I fell asleep two nights in a row.

Wut? I know!

I’m just going to go with it. But I have a couple of theories: I’ve been playing so much Animal Crossing during the day, I’m just that tired. Or, I’ve been playing so much Animal Crossing I don’t have time to think about how everything sucks.

Kidding. Sort of. I mean, I’ve been playing ACNH a whole heckuva lot, but can that actually be helping me sleep better?

It’s kept me from posting here for a couple of days. Of that I’m sure.

Another thing that’s got my spirits up today is Dan told me there’s going to be an impromptu 1/6 hearing tomorrow. I’ve only watched the last two, but I can watch them and forget for a second I have cancer.

No worries, though, I don’t feel like discussing them here. If the facts didn’t grab you before, they aren’t gonna grab you now. And I’m not currently accepting responsiblity for what anyone else thinks about anything.

Our robot vacuum is working again after a couple of days of me saying to it, “Go home, Chad, you’re drunk!” Yes, we named the vacuum. I think I mentioned it previously, but Chad is so much easier to say than robot vacuum.

Anyway, he was leaving his charging dock and making a left into the bedroom wall and the app was giving me “zone error” notifications. The TV remote in my chemo room seems to get him a little confused. And I don’t know if I told y’all this, but I’ve been playing ACNH. Like, a lot. On the TV.

Once when Dan was getting me all set to play, he pressed the power button on the TV remote and Chad jumped off his dock, turned 360 degrees, and docked again.


When we move, Chad won’t live in my chemo cave, and hopefully I’ll have a different TV anyway. For now, though, it’s a little bit of a struggle. I need him to do his job three times a week because it’s shedding season. Chad will choke if the fur situation gets out of hand.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got for now. Tell me how cute my ACNH character is in the comments, consider giving $5 to our GoFundMe, and have a good week.

Emily Plays Nintendo

Emily Plays Nintendo

Today on Emily Plays Nintendo: All my island residents on Animal Crossing: New Horizons keep bringing up how long I’ve been gone.

“What’s it been, Swimily?* Five, six months?” they all tease.

Yes, jerks. It has been that long. Thanks for bringing it up. At first, I thought I wouldn’t feel well enough to play for a couple of days. But winter and spring were hard. There was chemo. There was puking. There were shingles. There was a sinus infection. There was a sick dog. There was pain. And the hiatus was half a year long.

What got me back on the Switch this week, though, was the game Fall Guys. Tuesday it was added to the Nintendo (and other) stores for free, and one of the art YouTubers I watch who is “obsessed” with the game got me interested. She includes the occasional stream clip in her vlogs.

But I’d never done anything more than look at the price and say to myself, “Nope. Not right now.”

Well, for once it paid to be poor. Because a couple of years after its release, it ended up on the Switch AND free. Izzy freaking loves the on-screen chaos of Fall Guys, by the way.

Naturally, though, Fall Guys crashed for me on launch day after the first round. So I opened up ACNH and I’ve played it for 6 of the last 24 hours. That game is so stinking cute and relaxing.

I did get in a few minutes of Fall Guys today too, but my sessions are relatively short. First, I suck at it because I’m a total n00b. Literally placed last because I couldn’t jump. Second, it’s a fast paced game, and I will get super tense and extra hurty (wow, that’s an actual word?) if I play too long.

Animal Crossing New Horizons screenshot of character in rendeer costume. There is snow on the ground and a snowman beside her.

Anyway, I was scrolling through my in-game screenshots, and the last ones I’d taken on Animal Crossing? There was still snow on the ground and my character was dressed up in a reindeer costume. Yeah.

* Switch plus Emily equals Swimily. Now you know the secret to my character-naming skills.

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