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Hemp seeds and medical marijuana on a wooden table top. Text overlay: the first time I got high

Medical Marijuana: The First Time I Got High

So far, I've received three questions about medical marijuana via my contact form. All three were variations of: Does...
Patient in hospital bed talking to doctor. Text overlay: 7 signs of a bad doctor

7 Signs of a Bad Doctor

I'm sharing personal anecdotes with these 7 signs of a bad doctor for a few reasons: First, I want you to know that if...
divine dove Zentangle with colored pencil on kraft notebook paper designed by Romi Marks who teaches how to draw Zentangles and ze tangle-imspired art on her YouTube channel.

The Divine Dove Zentangle Design

Things have been going...well, I guess just going here Iately. Father's Day is tomorrow, and I have lots of feelings, but I...

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