What is Who You Gonna Believe?

Who You Gonna Believe? is my memoir. It’s covers my eventful life circa 2003 to present and explores the traumas and lessons that come with being married to a self-professed compulsive liar and narcissist. (For the record, I use the word “narcissist” colloquially, not clinically. But I think a case could be made.) Then it takes a look at how those events might have maybe saved my life.


Yeah, I know.

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Do you name names?

No. I’ve changed most of the names and obscured certain identifying details with the sole intent of avoiding being contacted by my ex. (I’m 99% sure he still Googles himself daily, if not hourly.) Of course, people who have known me for years will know who I’m writing about. But in that case, I can’t really further defame a person who’s already publicly defamed himself.

How can I read Who You Gonna Believe?

WYGB is being published serially and exclusively for my patrons on Patreon. Excerpts may be available on other platforms, but I’m trying to pay the mortgage with this tell-all because I have a disabling brain tumor and was recently dropped by my long-term disability insurance. I don’t need attention, y’all, I need money.

Serially? What does that even mean?

Chapters will be published on a monthly basis at the end of each month or as soon as I reach a new subscriber goal. For example, Chapter 1 is scheduled for release on April 30, 2019. However, if I reach 20 patrons before that date, Chapter 1 will drop early. (See the Goals section on my Patreon page for current release information.) I will make every effort to publish new content 24-48 hours after a goal is reached. However, I’m disabled and have brain cancer and hope you’ll all be understanding if I have to fudge that a little bit once or twice.

Can I share my account with non-Patrons?

I think one subscriber per household is pretty fair considering you can choose what you pay, but if you want to share posts with your grandma in Tallahassee I’m not going to crap a brick. I also won’t be policing who’s paying to read and who’s found a way to read it for free. Hell, if you want to print and distribute copies for your own profit, all I ask is that you be willing to live with the guilt of stealing money from someone with brain cancer. Basically, just do what you think is fair and support me if you can, okay?

Can I pay to read the whole thing at once?

No, but not because I’m a jerk. You can’t read the whole thing at once because I’m not finished with it yet. In an ideal world this could have maybe been an option for readers, but as I mentioned previously, Lincoln Financial Group terminated my disability insurance policy unexpectedly and I had to start releasing the parts that were ready way ahead of schedule.

Then again, in an ideal world I wouldn’t have a diffuse astrocytoma on my brain stem. Just… it’s not an option. Alright? Gosh.

Is there a table of contents or something?

Yep! This will be updated with links as soon as new chapters are posted.

Who You Gonna Believe: Preface
Chapter 1: Triggered
Chapter 2: You’re Wearing That?
Chapter 3: Suicide is Painless
Chapter 4: Liar, Liar
Chapter 5: Back Home Again in Indiana
Chapter 6: Christian Counseling
Chapter 7: Fuck You, I Live Here
Chapter 8: Good Luck with That

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