Looking for Inktober Zentangle prompts? You’ve come to the right place.

Inktober Zentangle Prompts

I really wanted to participate in Jake Parker’s Inktober this year but in a way that incorporated my love of all things Zentangle. Seemed like a match made in heaven since both things emphasize inking and line art.

But when I looked over the official Inktober prompt list, I realized it was going to be a struggle for me to come up with ideas that translated into stuff I could actually draw.

Luckily, the spirit of Inktober is big, and I learned creating unofficial prompts for the 31-day event is a thing. Like this Stars Wars prompt list and this witch prompt list. So I made my own Inktober Zentangle prompts, and I want to share them with you.

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In keeping with the spirit of Inktober and the Zentangle method, I encourage you to use and share these prompts however you like. They are not assignments and there are no rules. They’re just meant to encourage you and help us all find a cozy little spot within the #Inktober community this year.

If you’re new to Zentangle, you might need or want a little more guidance than just a single word prompt. Keep reading, if that’s you, or just download the PDF and get tangling.

If you want to learn more about Jake Parker and the official Inktober project, check out his FAQ. If you want to learn more about the Zentangle method, check out the official site.

Inktober Zentangle Prompts Explained

Day 1: Project Pack 11

The wonderful people at Zentangle HQ create project packs a few times a year with accompanying videos. If you’re not sure what to do this prompt, have a look at their instructional videos for Project Pack 11. You’re sure to find some inspiration.

Day 2: Khala

This pattern is a stunning variation on Celtic knots created by Zen Linea. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. Watch her video tutorial.

Day 3: Huggins

Huggins is one of my favorite patterns. I used it earlier this year to create a postcard for a new patron, and if you draw it big enough you can really have fun embellishing. If you’d like to see it drawn step by step, check out this video.

Zentangle gem

Day 4: Gem

Incorporating colorful gems into Zentangles is so much fun and adds a lot of dimension to your art. I created the tile you see here following CZT Tracy Anne Wilkinson’s tutorial for Ratoon which includes coloring a gem.

Day 5: Home

Patterns are everywhere from wallpaper and pottery to fabric and ferns. But this prompt could inspire so much more than trying to recreate an existing pattern. Whatever feels like home, try drawing it.

Day 6: Words

From a favorite quote to your family’s last name, try incorporating words into your art. You could Zentangle inside block letters or around calligraphy. If you’re not comfortable with lettering or are short on time, try printing and tracing your words in a font you like.

Day 7: Hearts

Try filling hearts with your favorite patterns or use heart-related patterns, or both! Take a look at these heart-themed patterns I collected on Pinterest.

Day 8: Letter

When I chose this prompt for myself, I had illuminated letters in mind, like the ones Zentangle founder Maria Thomas creates. But don’t let me hinder you from taking this prompt in a completely new direction!

Day 9: Delft

The first time I saw someone working with the blue inks in Project Pack 7, I immediately thought of Delftware. But you don’t necessarily have to try to copy a Delft pattern for today’s prompt or even use blue ink. Just a friendly reminder to use these prompts as inspiration, not necessarily as rules or specific assignments. You do you, baby!

Day 10: Border

Lots of Zentangle patterns lend themselves to being used as a border. You can practice drawing them separately or try working them into a larger piece. If you’ve completed the Zentangle Legend project pack, you might want to flip to spread L4 for inspiration. You can also refer to the official video for Project Pack 10 Day 6.

Day 11:  Edge to Edge

Fill an entire tile or piece of paper with from edge to edge.

Day 12: Organic

You might want to look at days 15 through 17 of my One Zentangle a Day videos if you’re new to Zentangle or want a refresher on organic patterns.

Day 13: Geometric

For today’s prompt see days 18 and 19.

Day 14: Fan Art

Do a mashup with Zentangle and your favorite cartoon character. Or try your own take on another Zentangle artist’s work. Of course, it should go without saying that personal study is one thing, breaking copyright law is another. Don’t steal someone else’s intellectual property, and it’s always nice if you credit your inspiration when posting online.

Day 15: Holes

You might want to try drawing the Zentangle pattern Laced,  experiment with layering like Shie Naritomi does here, or using shading to create 3D effects like Jon Harris demonstrates here.

Day 16: Stickers

I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of fun stickers. I plan to use them directly in my art for today’s prompt but you could also make Zentangle stickers.

Day 17: Mushrooms

If you’re drawing a blank on this prompt, you can just keep it simple and draw Fungees today.

Day 18: Monotangle

A monotangle makes use of a single pattern, though you might choose to explore drawing it in different sizes, colors, varied line weight, etc to add interest to the overall composition.

Inktober Zentangle Prompt Zendala

Day 19: Zendala

Zentangle + Mandala = Zendala. I’ve created a few on my YouTube channel, including: Watch Soothing Zendala Art for Relaxation, Relaxing Zendala Art with Water Color Pencils and The Ugliest Zentangle I Ever Created.

Day 20: Autumn

You might want to try a pattern like Gourdgeous, draw with a brown Micron pen, or use orange and gold Gelly Roll pens.

Day 21: Zentangle Legend

If you have completed the Zentangle Legend Book in Project Pack 10 (available at Zentangle.com if you’re interested in buying it) roll your 20-sided die and see what fate wants you to draw. If you don’t have the book, you could explore #PP10 on Instagram.

Day 22: Grid

Several Zentangle patterns (Cubine, Beeline, Knight’s Bridge, Bales, Florz, etc.) are drawn using a grid. TanglePatterns.com has a nice resource on setting up grids, and you can see me using Bales in this video.

Day 23: Inverse

Try opaque white ink on a black background or try mirrored patterns.

Day 24: Minimal

This prompt is inspired by the art of @gentlytangled on Instagram, but alternately you could fill a page with simple, repeating lines or work on a small tile like the Bijou or the 3Z.

Day 25: Space

Turn Zentangle pattern Jetties into planets, play with the white space on your tile by drawing auras closer together and farther apart, or try drawing in a different space—like at the park or while you’re in the waiting room.

Day 26: Inkblot

Drop or splatter ink directly on your page or let it bloom in water and just go with whatever happens.

Day 27: Embossed

Use shading and highlights for an embossed effect or use tools to emboss your tile for additional texture.

Day 28: Masking

Use washi, masking fluid, or painter’s tape to protect your paper when applying washes or to prevent you from accidentally making marks where you don’t want them.

Day 29:  Pattern-in-Pattern

Draw a pattern large enough that you have room to put another pattern inside it.

Day 30: Sepia

Use shades of brown in your art instead of black and white. Try sepia Microns or brown India ink.

Day 31: Tranzending

Tranzending is drawing on top of an already completed tile. Vibian Kou quickly demonstrates how it’s done in this video.