Brain Tumor

The Rash Saga Continues

Surface temp of my forehead: 96 °
Surface temp of places with the rash: 101°

Putting ice packs on it gives me some relief. Since I can’t take more than one Zyrtec in 24 hrs., doctor told me to try stacking my antihistamines. So Zyrtec, then Claritin a few hours later, then Benadryl.

It’s still spreading, but it’s slowed down some. Only things not affected so far are my face and my legs from knees to toes.

But there is good news! Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits taste 100% normal this morning.

Brain Tumor

Sweet Home Urbana

Welcome home flowers and cake.


And just to keep things real for you, because life isn’t just cake and flowers…

Before I left St. Louis, the doc told me my lymphocytes were high or low–whatever is not good. So I am getting a new antibiotic. If I get thrush again, I might scream.

The itchy rash I was whining about now covers about 90% of my body. I’ve got rx hydrocortisone, Benadryl, Gold Bond itch relief lotion. Still miserable.


But I’m miserable at home with Dan. And Boomer & Izzy are super snuggly.

Brain Tumor

Emily Live on Facebook

On April 12, following my last radiation treatment, I went live on Facebook so that everyone who had been supporting me could watch me ring the final treatment bell in the radiation oncology waiting room at Siteman Cancer Center.

It was freaking emotional, man. The video ends abruptly because I was flooded with emotions and just started crying.

The video of this celebration is public on the Facebook page, if you’d like to retroactively celebrate the occasion with me.

Emily’s Last Radiation Treatment Celebration

post radiation bell photo opp

Post-bell group photo opp with Dan, my parents, brother, and SIL