My Accessible Shower

My Accessible Shower

The accessible shower is in! If you get updates on GoFundMe, you likely already know this. But. I. Am. So. Excited. I had to post about it again.

The framing is—as far as I can tell from the pictures Mom sent—complete for the rest of the living space too.

I know this may not look like much now, but I look at it and all I see is the ability to take a shower again without fearing for my life. It took a brain tumor for me to understand what disability and accessibility really meant. But there’s a reason I posted about just the drain a little while ago. And it’s because now I know.

That’s why I talk about it so much. You don’t realize how abled the world is unless you are disabled or you know someone who is. And not, like, “Oh, my co-worker needs to use the elevator.” More like, “Holy shit. The plan is for wheelchair users just to park on the stairwell landing during a fire? People are OK with that? Seriously!?”

Related: I was watching a renovation on HGTV where the new homeowners wanted Chip and Jo to remove one of those walk-in bathtubs and I was screaming internally. “Those are so expensive! How do they know they won’t need that next week?!”

I don’t remember if the fixture got trashed or what. But I hope like hell it could be salvaged and donated to someone who needed it. Because the irony of disability is how little money you’re allowed to have and how much more everything you need costs. I’ve needed one for OVER. FIVE. YEARS. And that’s just counting from my official diagnosis.

(We all know diagnosis was an entire other thing. Unless you’re new here. In which case, welcome. Let me introduce you to my medical baggage.)

Finally, I just want to say I know what a privilege it is to have an accessible shower like this. And I am so grateful. If you have an opportunity to advocate for people like me, I hope you will. The upside is that what disabled people need is usually extra convenient for the abled world. (Ramps, ready-made meals, pre-sliced fruit. You get the idea.)

That’s all for now. Happy Wednesday. And thanks for being a part of this wild ride.

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