I have decided to pivot! to spending more time on my website.

It started with more frequent blogging. But those more frequent updates made pages like How to Make Crock Pot Cannabutter, How to Get Your Doctor to Listen, and How to Draw Zentangles more relevant to search engines, and I think it’s in my best interest to pivot and go where this increased site traffic is taking me. 

Lamenting the stagnation of my Zentangle channel on YouTube while I can’t hold a pencil, control my pen strokes, or see clearly when I look down at my paper isn’t doing anything for me. It’s depressing to dwell, and I don’t want to. Focusing on writing for my site will mean I have less time to be anxious and depressed. 

So, there will be changes around here, kids. Nothing major in the works. But if something you come across is glitchy or twitchy, please bear with me. I promise to do the best I can, as respectfully of readers as I can, but I’m not exactly an expert at this WordPress admin stuff. (The brain tumor doesn’t help me learn anything quickly either.)

Anyway, here’s what you might notice going forward:

More links: I’m going to try to build up the site’s reputation with search engines by writing more about the things that bring the random people here—Zentangles, weed, brain cancer, and chronic illness.

New affiliates: I don’t really have any specific companies or products in mind, but I may have to be open to more capitalistic partnerships. I’ll make it super obvious what’s going on if that happens. I mean, I have to. But also it’s the respectful thing to do.

More asks for your help: I’ll try not to be annoying about it. But not everyone reads every page. I imagine I’ll be more annoyed by the asks than you will.

And here’s what you might not notice:

Alt-text: I recently discovered that Canva will help me by suggesting alt-text for images. This is an accessibility thing that I’ve been really bad at for fatigue-related reasons. I think I can do better now. I’m going to stinking try!

Young brown tabby headshot. He is lying on a pillow with his eyes closed.
This picture has alt-text that can be read by screen readers.

Style changes: I have already tweaked a few of my featured images. But my plan is to be more consistent with them from here on out. I want the images to be more pleasing and to be more recognizable when they are pulled for social media links.

Repeat shares: You might come across certain posts and pages more than once out there in the wild. It’s necessary. I know this. But it also feels wrong. I have to remember that there’s a lot happening out there, and some stuff gets lost in the shuffle. It’s not spam to make my content available more than once.

If you want to help, that’s great. (If you just want to read my blog by RSS and walk away, you are welcome to!) Here’s what can help other people find my website:

Social shares: Google and Facebook, for example, like to know my stuff is entertaining or useful. They learn that by seeing how people engage with my posts. So if you share stuff that other people might enjoy, the tech overlords will notice.

Comments: This is for me. Being sick is a lonely thing sometimes. I like to hear from you.

Collaboration: If you have something to promote (that is relevant) maybe we could exchange links or social media shares or something, I don’t know.

Basically it boils down to this: Running a website costs money, but it can also make money. I think it’s time for me to pivot!

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