New Birbs, Who Dis?

New Birbs, Who Dis?

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but the Canadian geese are back. Apparently those freaking sky honkers just wanted to make me look like a liar. Maybe they didn’t think I’d be up so early on a weekend. Well, joke’s on them. We have smoke detectors that go off at 3:00 am for no reason AND I am a registered insomniac.

BONUS! Because it’s Saturday, I opted for a thirty-minute Merlin session instead of a ten-minute one, and I got a total of eight new birbs on my Life List. Including the Common Nighthawk—which is marked by the red “rare” dot and was soaring above at 6:00 in the morning.

Words officially have no meaning anymore.

The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, the Least Flycatcher, and the Eastern Kingbird were entirely new to me. Never heard of them. The red-bellied woodpecker? I could hear him slamming his head into a tree before he started singing. I knew he was out there.

Side note: I’m getting better at identifying bird songs and onomatopoeia.

I didn’t screenshot them all, but there were a lot of the usual suspects out and about this morning too. And I am kind of amazed that in a few weeks’ time, I’ve identified more than 50 different species of winged dinosaur in just the backyard. If this website ever makes any money, I am going to immediately spend it on one of those fancy camera feeders.

Mom recently planted some new trees out back, and the new digs might be attracting the new (to me) birds. Plus it’s migration season. I was expecting the indigo bunting to show up. There had been reports of them in local birding groups a little south of here.

Welp, pollen is super high already. So I’m going to snort some Flonase and see if I can’t breathe through both nostrils again here soon-ish. Have a good weekend.

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Canadian Geese Are Sky Honkers

Canadian Geese Are Sky Honkers

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Boomer used to bark when Canadian geese—sky honkers—flew over the house. Like an old man shaking his fist at the clouds. He’d bark at all loud birds, actually. I remember there was a really loud cardinal sitting on a phone line in the yard in Urbana once, yelling his tiny bird heart out. Boomer yelled right back at him. My bestest good boy didn’t take any lip from mourning doves either.

Anyway, Canadian geese have a reputation for being aggressive birds. The first time I witnessed this aggression, I was walking along the canal in downtown Indianapolis with my ex-husband. I was surprised when one spread its wings and hissed. (If you’ve read Chapter 2: You’re Wearing That? you’ve probably guessed my ex deserved it. You’d be correct.)

I don’t know what things are like where you live, but here in the Midwest, Canadian geese are ubiquitous and generally unloved by homeowners and groundskeepers. They’re loud and they poop on sidewalks, and because they seem to linger year round, they’re thought of as pests.

So why can’t I capture one of these infernal beings on a Merlin app sound recording? They’re everywhere. This should be easy. We’ve had mallards in the yard for crying out loud. Yesterday I was on the toilet peeing when a few geese honked their way past an open window.

Damn it, I thought. How do they know I don’t have my phone?

Perched upon my porcelain throne, I shook a fist at an imaginary cloud, paying homage to Boomer. The sky honkers honked some more. Pretty sure they were mocking me, actually.

Oh well. I figure the hummingbirds are coming soon, and they’re cuter anyway.

In the meantime, here are some of the nicer birds that visited my yard this week. (The warblers are migrating! Yay!) I even IDed a rare find Wednesday. But there are still no Canadian geese on my life list.


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