Emily’s Cancer Calendar: September

After this week, I’m feeling kind of weird about my Cancer Calendar series. I said as much to Dan. “What?” he asked, looking over my entries. “Where’s your workout with Tobin, PJ and Squi?”

I tend to save my political screeds for Twitter threads and retweets, but I can’t say enough how unworthy of the position of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is. We can and should find a better nominee. He is horribly unfit to be a judge of any kind if he’s willing to scream about Soros and the Clintons–IN A PREPARED STATEMENT IN FRONT OF THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE BEING BROADCAST TO THE PUBLIC LIVE–for his current predicament. And that’s just one of a couple dozen reasons I think he’s a terrible choice. The man isn’t qualified for the job he currently holds let alone a fucking lifetime appointment to SCOTUS.

Anyway, if you want to know more about how I feel about it, you can follow me on Twitter @EmilySuess.

As I predicted, my FitDesk minutes/miles significantly dropped off this month. To remind myself the biggest reason for that was a really good one (I’ve been working hard on the book), I started noting days when I made significant progress on the memoir. This past Wednesday I reached 40,000 words!!!

On the 18th, I leveled up and increased the tension setting on the FitDesk, so even though I’m putting in less time on the stationary bike, my legs are still getting stronger.

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: July

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: July

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Another month is done! That means that if you’re a Kindle owner and a member of Amazon Prime, you get to pick from some great, FREE First Reads books. Go pick yours, I’ll wait. (I snagged Happy Doomsday.)

OK, back to the calendar summary. July started off really, really strong. I turned my FitDesk pedal resistance to Level 2 on July 5, and then I never looked back. My legs are getting much stronger, I can feel it. I also pulled some 2-pound hand weights out of the closet to work on strengthening my arms and shoulders.

Even though I had 4 days with very sad faces, I managed to pedal for a total 1,091 minutes and 253 miles this month. I might have been inspired by all those dudes riding le Tour and climbing mountains. (We watched the race every morning. It’s tradition for us.) And ♫ Aux Champs Elysées ♫ is still stuck in my head.

When the Tour de France ended on Sunday, I deflated a little and said to Dan, “July is done. It’s already Fall isn’t it?”

And now I see that pumpkin spice everything is eating up my Facebook feed.

Oh well. Welcome to August everyone!

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: June

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: June

June was phenomenal as far as my FitDesk stats go: 900 minutes and 220 miles. I also mowed twice, celebrated my 90th day since the end of chemo with a frozen margarita from Casa del Mar, traveled to Milwaukee to celebrate Dan’s birthday, and baked a couple of cakes.


We just returned from a trip to Meijer, where we bought a few plants, a box of granola cereal, and a pint of buttermilk (for another bundt cake I want to try making). Even though the store was sufficiently air conditioned, I couldn’t take any more. I am wilted. So I’m going to eat my cold cereal, and watch Dan play video games. But before go, I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of the yard.

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: May

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: May

May was a kick-ass month for me. I was able to give myself stickers for accomplishments on 30 of 31 days. Some days I gave myself multiple stickers—either because I seriously impressed myself or because I just felt like it was a multiple-sticker kind of day.


  • First ever trip to the Dairy Barn in Sidney, Illinois.
  • Helped Dan mow the lawn on three separate occasions.
  • Pedaled 136 miles and 496 minutes this month on the FitDesk.
  • Made lots of trips out of the house to places like Meijer, Home Depot, Schnuck’s, the Sola Gratia Farm Plant Sale, and even Taco Bell.
  • Baked cookies from scratch.
  • Hosted a garage sale (with help from my parents who visited us earlier this month).

June looks to be promising. Looking forward to it!

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: April

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: April

Another month in the books, and not a bad one either. I am starting to run low on stickers for the days I accomplish a thing, but now that I’m going on shopping excursions with Dan to our local Meijer, I can pick some new ones out.

I’m proud of my FitDesk time and mileage. But with the improved weather in May, I’m hoping to log a larger variety of activities–especially ones outdoors.

And now to get cracking on Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

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