Drawing Cute Things For Fun

Drawing Cute Things For Fun

When it comes to drawing doodles, “cute” is an identifiable aesthetic. At least it is on YouTube. And from what I can tell, it involves drawing giant cartoon eyes and a tiny mouth on an object that doesn’t have any business seeing or smiling.

Watermelon. Coffee mugs. Unicorn cake. Ice cream Cones.

I set out looking for drawing tutorials of simple objects with thick lines for the purpose of coloring, and these fit the bill. I colored with Crayola SuperTips. Right now I only have water-based markers. (I have some alcohol-based markers on my holiday wishlist though. OMG. Can’t wait to get some and try them. I have never used alcohol markers before, but I’ve been watching actual artists on YouTube with their professional markers, and *swoon*)

In other visual art-related news, I posted a sketch I drew on Instagram yesterday. I followed a tutorial for drawing faces, and it turned out…well…click the link if you want to know.

Basically, I’m just trying out a bunch of random artsy things and seeing if any of them stick. My first love is and always will be Zentangle, but sometimes I want to try something with a little more color or just challenge myself to do something new. Then, while I’m coloring a slice of watermelon or practicing Zentangle patterns, I’m usually thinking about the memoir. Yeah, that book I drafted a couple of months ago and am now too chicken to look at again.

I know, I know. I will get back to it, but I’m thinking maybe January or February.

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