One Full Year of Logging Meals on MyFitnessPal

One Full Year of Logging Meals on MyFitnessPal

Three hundred and sixty-five days. That’s every single day for an entire year. I logged my meals, my snacks, my fluids, my exercise, my weed, and I even logged my Tylenol and Tums and Flonase.


My obsession with logging food and medicine was about 35% my wanting to see what foods and drugs made me feel miserable and about 65% me being sick and tired of medical professionals insisting my eating habits were causing problems.

“You need to eat more…”

“NO! Look at my food logs!”

Anyway, it’s an accomplishment to keep up something like this every day for a year when that year includes several months of hating food due to chemotherapy. I’m proud of myself.

Food Tastes Bad on Chemo, Yo

*sad trombone*

It’s official. Tonight my favorite pizza tastes like aged sweatsocks and ass. 😭

Somehow, this discovery is more devastating than my initial diagnosis.

Currently taking recommendations for foods that still tasted good to you or someone you know while on chemo/radiation.

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