The Death of OJ Simpson and Other Stuff

The Death of OJ Simpson and Other Stuff

Seeing how it’s Friday and I’ve had a very responsible amount of iced coffee (for someone who suffers intermittent bouts of insomnia), I thought I’d do a roundup post of stuff I did or saw this week, starting with news of the death of OJ Simpson.

Generally, I see the world divided into two groups when it comes to cracking jokes about celebrity death: those who have accepted their own mortality and those who haven’t. 

Knowing I have brain cancer and am not fond of murderers, you might guess I belong to the former group, which means I don’t really buy into the concept of not speaking ill of OJ Simpson. Which means the internet jokes about expired juice are cracking me up.

The jokes about Simpson’s coffin being a juice box are also pretty funny.

Remember, kids: live your life in such a way that people are sad when you die. Don’t do domestic violence and murder.


Despite being an exhausted bundle of histamines this week, I managed to make more progress building up and improving this website.

I wrote a long-form article, Ultimate Guide: Helping a Loved One with Brain Cancer, in the hopes the search engine gods will smile on me.

I also fixed my contact form, tweaked my menu links, and tried to glean as much information about my (pretty low) site traffic as I could during my free 30-day trial of StatCounter. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford being sick.


Speaking of, I’m doing the GoFundMe thing again. I got another bill from the hospital, noting I still owe them about $280. 

$16,000 in charges (not all out of pocket, thank dog, but not including charges from the surgeon, pathology lab, and anesthesiologist) makes me feel like I should at least have a diagnosis for these damn lymph nodes, but that’s not how this works.

That’s not how any of this works.

So until this website of extremely niche weed, cancer, and Zentangle content gets noticed (I am hopeful about that, actually) and starts raking in the big bucks (I am not delusional about that actually), I guess I’ll just keep updating my GoFundMe goal.

GoFundMe QR code
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Speaking of medical bills and GoFundMe, the Corolla has a car doctor appointment next week. Pray for it.


While we’re here might as well end with a couple of good jokes about the death of OJ Simpson that I saw on social media.

OJ can rest in peace, knowing his ex-wife’s murderer is finally dead.

Now that OJ Simpson’s dead, get ready for the woke police to dig up something shady he did.

It’s poetic Ford announced a recall on Broncos the same day Satan announced a recall on OJ Simpson.

I’ll see myself out. Have a good weekend, my friends.

Fully Funded

Fully Funded

I woke up bright and early this morning and signed on to GoFundMe to share my Go Fund Me campaign link on my social media accounts. And the campaign progress bar was green. And under the bar it said: $1480 of $1480 raised. Fully funded.

No exaggeration, I rubbed my eyes and squinted and said, “what?” (In a good way, of course!)

Just like that a financial burden is lifted. My mind is clear so I can think about what Dan wants me to order for breakfast this morning and formulate a plan for our current Medicaid woes.

The final Go Fund Me contribution was a generous one from someone I don’t know, but the donor let me know who reshared the campaign, and that person was also someone I don’t know.

It’s so nice to know that random people out there care about other people. It’s too easy for my cynicism to take hold these days, and always nice to be reminded that people care—about complete strangers!

Anyway, I just want to say thanks to all those people I don’t know and the people I do know who shared my link to help get my campaign fully funded. Because sharing links to these things is helpful beyond words.

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