Radiation Hair Loss

Radiation Hair Loss

Radiation causes hair loss at the site of treatment. Can you tell where they’re zapping me?

“Radiotherapy to the brain can cause hair loss or thinning. If you are having treatment to a particular part of the head, your hair usually falls out in that area. You might also have some hair loss on the opposite side of the head, where the radiotherapy beams pass through.” —Cancer Research UK

Radiation to the scalp can cause loss of hair in the treated area. The hair loss will occur about two weeks after treatment has started. Hair will usually begin to grow again 2 to 3 months after treatment is over. Some patients may find that the new hair growth is thinner or more sparse than before and the texture or color may have changed. —Stony Brook Cancer Center

The scar is healed from the craniotomy, but the radiation treatment is leaving me with burning and itchy skin. I know it’s temporary, but it really is uncomfortable. The skin is very dry, so a nurse gave me some lotion to apply.

Radiation will be over soon enough, though, and I can’t wait. The skin should heal after a bit and the hair will probably grow back.

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