One Zentangle Page a Day

One Zentangle Page a Day

I spent the entirety of this weekend working on my website. Things went well until I broke a couple of pages, including my How to Draw Zentangles: One Zentangle a Day page.

Luckily (or not) I had a single small cup of coffee yesterday morning and was awake all freaking night anyway. So I fixed it.

And by fixed it, I mean I started over from scratch. I’m slow and inefficient, but I didn’t want the page to be down longer than necessary. I’m trying to pay bills, and I need search engines to send traffic my way.

Hopefully How to Draw Zentangles: One Zentangle a Day (yes, that’s a clunky sentence but I need the keyword and my brain is mush) is slightly better now. It was really getting bogged down while trying to load far too many embedded Zentangle videos from YouTube.

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Plus, it was probably just time for a refresh. No one needs all 42 series videos on my site. It is literally YouTube’s job to host them.

I’m doing all these refreshes and tweaks and updates from my phone because I am still struggling to use my right (dominant hand) to control and click a computer mouse. Yes, my muscles are that weak.

It’s not ideal, but it’s possible. So I’m rolling with it.

I hope to revamp some more Zentangle webpages here soon, but some of the ideas I have are too big to implement without help, and I don’t think I can explain what I want or how to do it without utterly exhausting myself. And, at that point, why not just do it myself?

That’s the story of my life. The inability to delegate. So I’ll take it slow and maybe try to update One Zentangle page a day. Wish me luck or something.

Zentangle Practice: Like Starting from Scratch

Zentangle Practice: Like Starting from Scratch

I’m trying to ease back into daily Zentangle practice without making a huge mess of my desk or unpacking too many supplies. So I picked up a Zentangle tile yesterday and today to test out some new-to-me media that came in the CZT supply kit.

It turns out that I’ve lost a lot of dexterity in my dominant hand being away from making videos for basically an entire year. So I’m exploring how to embrace shaky, inconsistent lines. At least until I can improve upon them. Accepting wobbly line work is the easy part.

The difficult part is stopping my eyes from rolling around in my head when I look down at the paper. It helps a lot if I keep the tile away from me a bit, but my habit is to nearly put my nose on the paper. I like to really get in there for precision, which isn’t a great habit for filming anyway. Unless I want to cut a whole lot of the back of my head from the footage. So breaking the habit will be to my advantage.

But can I do it?

I do have the old portable drawing table my brother gave me to elevate my drawing surface and get a more suitable angle, but that’s also packed away. It would help my posture, and since I don’t have the overhead camera angle to consider for the webinar, it’s potentially a good idea to ease some of the stress in my neck and shoulders.

I’ll decide whether or not to have Dan set it up for me when it’s closer to training next month. Right now I just want to take a few minutes each day to hold a Micron again. But, also, considering how I want my desk set up isn’t something that I can put off until the last minute. I’m slow. Made slower by constantly having to pivot when something no longer works for me.

Amazingly, my YouTube channel has kept growing during my year-long chemo hiatus. I’m approaching 13,000 subscribers despite saying the police suck at wellness checks and noting how Trump bungled our COVID response—and on a platform rife with complete jerks.

Watch out for more Tangled Talk episodes. No telling who I’ll piss off in the future.

So. Maybe it would be 20,000 subscribers by now if I was willing to color inside the lines. Can you imagine though? If I stop ruffling feathers, that’s how you know I’m dealing with some stuff.

For now, I am content to spend more time blogging, but after we move, lookout YouTube. Speaking of the move, Mom told me this morning that she’s going to be more selective about the pictures she sends me so the big reveal will be more impressive. She did text me this and gave me permission to share it.

Seeing how she sent a picture of a window being installed where one didn’t exist before, the overall impression I’m getting is that really dramatic things are happening.

Also, I gave her the fundraiser status, and she was pretty impressed. I feel like being a professional beggar is how I can contribute. Cancer gives you all kinds of new life skills. Who knew? (Spoiler: literally everyone who currently has or has ever had it.)

Thanks to all of you for helping out. Enjoy your #Caturday.

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Zentangle Video: Day 32

Zentangle Video: Day 32

Y’all, I am so excited about today’s video. If you have seen any of the previous videos in this series, you know that I’m basically a video editing n00b. I am just learning as I go and hoping that with each day comes a little improvement in the quality of my One Zentangle a Day series of YouTube videos. Today’s Zentangle video feels like a personal breakthrough, and it’s exciting to see my own progress!

Some days that improvement just translates into me getting through the video editing process a little quicker. Other days, it means trying out new music or experimenting with voiceovers and all the editing that requires.

Today, I was playing around in Shotcut software, and I tried laying two (Yes, TWO!) background audio tracks. One is a lovely little classical number and the second is a forest full of birds chirping and singing.

Pairing the two audio tracks resulted in the most soothing, satisfying Zentangle video I’ve produced to date. I want to watch it over and over, which is uncommon for me. Normally I cringe all the way through these things on playback.

Anyway, I don’t know if this will be your cup of tea or not, but I hope it is. Thanks for watching today’s Zentangle video, an I will catch you in the next one.

Happy tangling!

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