More Symptoms: Or, Why I Hate the Doctor Referral System

More Symptoms: Or, Why I Hate the Doctor Referral System

I made a phone call today to the Illinois Neurological Institute (INI) in Peoria to be evaluated for multiple sclerosis (MS). Because there are even more symptoms to discuss.

Let me back up a little. Before we left for my parents’ place for the holiday, we went to Walgreen’s. I struggled as usual just getting through the store, but when I went to get back in the car, I had to lift my right leg with my hands to get my whole self inside and close the door. It just wouldn’t move on its own.

For a while, I’ve had other concerning problems, including issues with coordination—like sometimes it takes me a dozen tries to get a foot through the leg hole in my underwear because my limbs won’t do what I think my brain is telling them to do. I’ve also been trying to wish away problems using utensils, especially using a knife and fork together. I don’t think I can blame it all on lack of sleep or overexertion anymore.

Before, I would periodically shuffle through the house while dragging my left foot. Now it’s pretty much constant. The pins and needles and burning sensations in my extremeties are close to unbearable.

This appointment was not recommended by my primary doc (I just decided I wanted to see someone who knew his or her shit), but I do need her to work with INI before I can see anyone there. I am not in the mood to coordinate my own care, nor do I feel like I have the energy for it. But like every other chronic patient in this broken, red tape-laden healthcare system, I don’t really have a choice.

I will update when I can.

UPDATE: I wrote about my fibromyalgia misdiagnosis.

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