Review: Incredibles Strawberry Crunch Bar

Review: Incredibles Strawberry Crunch Bar

Friday, on day two of my migraine, I dipped back into my stash of medical marijuana edibles.

I picked out two new-to-me edibles from the dispensary last week. I already reviewed the first—cherry chews from Betty’s Eddies. Today’s review is for the Incredibles Strawberry Crunch white chocolate bar with crispy rice.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)

Product: Strawberry Crunch Bar by Incredibles

Cannabis Type: Indica? Maybe? I looked up indica edibles when browsing the Cloud9 website, but it’s not specified on the box or the product listing now that I’m trying to verify my assumptions.

Price: $20

Dose: 10 mg ea. Piece / 100 mg total

THC: 10 mg

Taste: It’s just okay. I think white chocolate is pretty boring. It’s sweet without much texture or flavor. The crispy rice seems sparse.

Certainly not gross but also not what I’d call good. Maybe that’s ideal? If I like it too much, I might struggle to pace myself.

Overall High: 7/10

The high was noticeable and good, but one-dimensional feeling because I had the Ache Away Eddies for comparison.

Time to High: 70 minutes

That was on an empty stomach, how I usually take edibles. Unless the pain is dire, I like to eat after I’ve had an edible. Food tastes better. If you know, you know.

Duration of High: 3 hours 20 minutes

I was mostly just sleepy, but also acutely aware that I didn’t feel as miserable. Always a win.

Pain Relief: 8/10

Definitely worth taking. I’m not sure if the back-to-back days of having edibles impacted the pain relief or not. It seemed what I might expect in pain relief from a THC-only indica strain. Reliable relief that I wish was just a little better.

Munchies (Intensity): 6/10

I was on the lookout for food in general, but I was hungry when the show started. No specific food cravings.

Couchlock (Intensity): 5/10

I wasn’t what you’d call motivated, Bob.

Time Dilation (Intensity) 8/10

I had to look at the clock frequently or lose myself to time.

Notes on Packaging:

It looks pretty and is designed to be childproof, but in this disabled household it’s not convenient. I had a hard time gripping the tray. Also i didn’t want to ruin the box, for reasons I cannot explain but others can probably relate to.

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