A Brief Griping Hiatus

A Brief Griping Hiatus

I’m interrupting my usual blog post to bring you a brief griping hiatus. Starting with mentioning that my Mom bought a used LegXercise contraption that we saw advertised on TV, and it’s helping me rest more comfortably.

Hoo-freaking-ray! Let’s do a little review, shall we?

As you likely already know, I have no energy right now, but I still need to move and circulate my blood and stuff. Holy cow, this thing does almost all the work. All I have to do is sit upright for a few minutes at a time. (A challenge but an accomplishable one.)

Already today I feel that good “using muscles I didn’t know I had” feeling in my back. It’s been so long since I’ve felt like things were hopeful. But I’m getting to the toilet faster. Giddyup, bitches!

Mom is using it too so she can get the blood pumping without straining her cranky knee. So if you’re old, infirm, or both it might be something you want to try. I feel like it’s kind of pricey, but I have a much cheaper manual version and I’m too weak to make it go. So I’m genuinely lucky to have access to something like this.

Next up: my bruised rib pain. It no longer hurts for that rib to merely exist. Now it only hurts if I touch it. I mean, any time a pain lessens or stops, it’s a water-into-wine kind of miracle. That almost never happens for me, so when it does I take notice!

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge that a pain is going away (and forget about how it happened).

Insert prayer hands emoji here.

The weather in the Metro East is cold and rainy, which would usually mean I’m sore and grouchy. So also take advantage of me not griping right now.

Quantities limited. While supplies last.

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