Easy Art: Zentangle Patterns for Everyone

Easy Art: Zentangle Patterns for Everyone

Easy art Zentangle patterns are abundant. In addition to the many original patterns taught by Zentangle Inc., CZTs and enthusiasts all over the world have created and named their own easy-to-draw Tangles.

Zentangle is easy to learn

Zentangle patterns are repetitive. You can fill a defined space on a page—or an entire page—with a single design if you want. And every time you recreate a pattern, you committ it to memory. It bears your signature style and is identifiably yours even before you sign it.

Learning to Zentangle is empowering

In Zentangle, as in all art, you decide what you want to make. The patterns start and stop wherever you want them too. You can plan your composition, randomly select your patterns, or draw whatever flows from your pen.

With no right way to draw, no wrong way to draw, and no mistakes, you create what brings you the most enjoyment. The power to create is yours.

Bijou Tile Zentangle Pattern Msst
Zentangle Inc. Pattern Msst
Bijou Tile Zentangle Pattern Printemps
Zentangle Inc. Pattern Printemps
Bijou Tile Zentangle Pattern Crescent Moon
Zentangle Inc. Pattern Crescent Moon

Start with the simplest patterns

I always recommend starting with a few of the original patterns from HQ. If you’re looking to make some easy art, Zentangle patterns like Msst, Printemps, and Crescent Moon are fun to draw and shade.

You’ll find tutorials for these and other patterns in my 9 Easy Zentangle Patterns for Beginners video featuring Zentangle originals.

For more videos in this series, see 9 Easy Zentangle Patterns for Beginners.

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