Emily Plays Nintendo

Emily Plays Nintendo

Today on Emily Plays Nintendo: All my island residents on Animal Crossing: New Horizons keep bringing up how long I’ve been gone.

“What’s it been, Swimily?* Five, six months?” they all tease.

Yes, jerks. It has been that long. Thanks for bringing it up. At first, I thought I wouldn’t feel well enough to play for a couple of days. But winter and spring were hard. There was chemo. There was puking. There were shingles. There was a sinus infection. There was a sick dog. There was pain. And the hiatus was half a year long.

What got me back on the Switch this week, though, was the game Fall Guys. Tuesday it was added to the Nintendo (and other) stores for free, and one of the art YouTubers I watch who is “obsessed” with the game got me interested. She includes the occasional stream clip in her vlogs.

But I’d never done anything more than look at the price and say to myself, “Nope. Not right now.”

Well, for once it paid to be poor. Because a couple of years after its release, it ended up on the Switch AND free. Izzy freaking loves the on-screen chaos of Fall Guys, by the way.

Naturally, though, Fall Guys crashed for me on launch day after the first round. So I opened up ACNH and I’ve played it for 6 of the last 24 hours. That game is so stinking cute and relaxing.

I did get in a few minutes of Fall Guys today too, but my sessions are relatively short. First, I suck at it because I’m a total n00b. Literally placed last because I couldn’t jump. Second, it’s a fast paced game, and I will get super tense and extra hurty (wow, that’s an actual word?) if I play too long.

Animal Crossing New Horizons screenshot of character in rendeer costume. There is snow on the ground and a snowman beside her.

Anyway, I was scrolling through my in-game screenshots, and the last ones I’d taken on Animal Crossing? There was still snow on the ground and my character was dressed up in a reindeer costume. Yeah.

* Switch plus Emily equals Swimily. Now you know the secret to my character-naming skills.

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