Eating Oreos and Watching SEO Videos

Eating Oreos and Watching SEO Videos

I spent most of my weekend tinkering with my website (even though I told myself I’d give my brain a break) and watching SEO videos on YouTube. 

Also spent it wondering if Trump is going to be able to sit quietly through his election interference (aka the Stormy Daniels hush money) case that starts today. 

His arrogance, drug addictions, and particular brand of hyperactivity, won’t serve him well in the courtroom, and I’m not above being entertained by it.

But back to my website.

I’ll be honest, there isn’t a lot of useful information in those YouTube videos for me, because most of them are created by tech bros trying to get people and companies with money to buy their premium SEO tools. And use AI. Eww.

Might’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not financially secure, and I’m ethically opposed to using AI for most things, writing included.

Still, every once in a while one of the videos offers a nugget of something I can do to help people find my decades’ worth of content when they search, and I give it a try.

One of the big-ticket things I need to grow is to generate backlinks (essentially just hyperlinks to my website’s content from other sites). I have old ones, but not much that’s current. And I’m kind of stymied here. Most of the suggested backlink tactics involve expending energy I simply do not have.

Still, I’m getting somewhere, because I’m being emailed about guest posts and backlinks. Unfortunately those messages are all for completely irrelevant websites at the moment.

And I have some standards.

I’m also seeing more clicks on my influencer store links—though Amazon’s payouts are notoriously low and I need to diversify my affiliate partnerships. Eventually. I’ve got to assume that will happen organically too.

So I’ll try to be patient (ha! what I did there) and keep improving what I can until the right backlink opportunity comes along. Maybe Google will send some blogger my way who just spontaneously decides to link to my stuff because they like it. Or maybe I’ll have a breakthrough idea about finding a collaboration myself. Maybe.

Until then, I’ll eat some Oreos and watch my daily pageview stats climb. I think if I get to about 500 (I’m halfway there) something magical could happen in terms of my site being deemed worthy.

Keep those fingers crossed, kids!

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