Do Foxes Shed? And Other Randomness.

Do Foxes Shed? And Other Randomness.

You know, if we lived in a just society, Space Dunk Oreos wouldn’t be Limited Edition. They’d be available year round, and every time I ran out someone from Nabisco would show up at my door with a fresh package.

But sometimes things suck.

And sometimes they don’t. I was invited to do a review for CBD stuff by the marketers for a famously high comedic duo. And though I know they are reaching out to lots of people and I am not special, I feel special. The nostalgia, you guys.

It makes me feel like all this website SEO stuff is going to maybe help me pay a medical bill one day.

Oh, by the way, I had my routine 6-month brain MRI yesterday morning. And then I have a CT to monitor my wonky lymph nodes in the middle of June. Still no official appointment for the rheumatologist, but that’s out there too. Until I make more money on this website, I need your help sharing my GoFundMe.

Go here.

Share a link on your social media.

Tell people you know I’m a real person with brain cancer and not a scammer.

As long as we’re talking medical stuff: Dan’s insurance is a nightmare I’m too tired to discuss in detail. But if I had energy, I’d want to scream at the government to stop farting around with poor people’s Medicaid. It makes everything so needlessly complicated. If you’d rather us not get healthcare, commit to it. Stop jerking us around on the yo-yo and leaving us to wonder if he’s covered or not. It’s too bleeping stressful.

Mom had an MRI for her knee. Turns out she tore her ACL when she fell. She and her doctor have decided to give it some time and see if it heals on its own before jumping into surgery. So, TL;DR she’s doing okay, but under strict orders from basically everyone to be very careful.

Lastly, I want to share a picture of our neighborhood fox Dan snapped with his phone. I googled “Do foxes shed?” The answer is yes. They look sickly and malnourished when they shed. (I mean, it’s not like they can go to the groomer’s for a blowout when it’s warm outside.) It’s like when your healthy cat or dog has wet fur, apparently. They look emaciated, but they’re fine.

Update: He’s made himself right at home.

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