Health Insurance, Trump Memes, and Car Doctors

Health Insurance, Trump Memes, and Car Doctors

This week wasn’t terrible. I got Dan’s insurance sorted out, I read some fantastic stuff about Trump being forced to look at the memes created about him, and the Corolla is being fixed after the maintenance light came on.

It would be an understatement to say I wasn’t looking forward to sorting out Dan’s health insurance since he lost Medicaid last month, but yesterday’s phone call went so well—despite it taking an exhausting 90 minutes.

I was doing something wrong when I tried to sign up on the website by myself and a subsidy wasn’t being applied, so long story short? Dan’s ACA premiums went from a hypothetical $700/month to an actual $25/month.

I’m so relieved.

While I was talking to the agent, he got me something better than plain ol’ Medicare too. Without me having to pay any additional monthly premium. It’s weird being young-ish and on Medicare because of disability and not age. Everything is marketed to people 65+.

But 44 year olds with brain cancer exist. Ask me how I know.

So, folks, I have dental insurance for the first time in almost 7 years. If I wasn’t dehydrated today, I’d cry actual tears.

The local agent also understood YouTube monetization and knew what Zentangle was, so I didn’t have to spend extra energy trying to explain my non-SSDI income like I usually do.

So yeah, it was 90 draining minutes, but it was worth it. Then Mom got us Blizzards, and we all know that ice cream heals.


Trump. OMG. Have you seen the potential juror who was recently granted citizenship? She was dismissed because she admitted she couldn’t be impartial, but added that she thought Trump would be orange but he was actually more yellow.

I just. My sides hurt from laughing, y’all.

Setting aside the press feeling entitled to out and endanger jurors, the process of voir dire has been a hoot to watch because Trump has to look at memes posted by potential jurors.

Oh, oh! And I read that one guy (who wasn’t selected for obvious reasons) posted an AI fake of Trump saying “I’m dumb as fuck.” 

Donald Trump meme. He has his eyes closed. Text, in Godfather font, says: the Nodfather

I’m petty, and I’m here for it all, including the jokes mocking Trump—the man who made it his personal mission to brand Biden as “Sleepy Joe”—for falling asleep in court.

And if a split second of self-awareness is the only consequence he ever sees for all the laws he’s broken in plain sight, I’d kick myself for not making the most of it.


As for the car. We’re taking it to the shop my dad trusted and my mom still goes to. It needs some Toyota-recommended maintenance, but also new brakes. And other things I’m too tired to list. And you probably don’t care about anyway.

Happy weekend.

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