Tangled Talk 6: How to Draw Molygon, Noodle and Odee

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Hello and happy whatever day it is when I finally get this video posted. I’m Emily Suess, and it’s time for another Tangled Talk episode.


As always, check the description for links to learn how to draw Molygon, Noodle, and Odee—I’m not a CZT, I’m just a Zentangle fan. Also, if you just really don’t want to hear me talk, I recommend muting the sound, but after you’ve complained in the comment section first, because YouTube seems to really like it when you engage with my videos. Even if you complain or give me a thumbs down. Uh, but do keep the comments civil, because my parents are probably watching, and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be disappointed in you if you’re mean to me.

Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad!

First, thing I’d like to tell you about this week is Izzy. My cat. She’s pretty cute. You might remember that from previous videos. Well, Friday night I forgot to dump the water out of the cup I was using to clean my watercolor brushes, and Izzy knocked it over while we were sleeping.

After I discovered the mess Saturday morning, I just threatened to turn her into slippers for like a solid 45 minutes. To make matters worse, she also soaked and then shredded the roll of paper towels sitting on my desk.
I was like, “Izzy! [bleep] Do you even care that it took me three weeks to find a store with paper towels in stock?!”

And she was like…

Luckily, and almost miraculously, she didn’t waterlog my camera or short out any other electronic devices. She did manage to ruin some completed and in-progress Zentangles and completely drench and warp a handful of my expensive, official Zentangle tiles, though, so I still feel plenty victimized.

Anyway, that’s why I missed posting a video over the weekend. Because I was overwhelmed by that moment of chaos and exhausted just thinking about doing the cleanup. I mean, I did do the major stuff right away, but then my work area was just madness after shuffling everything around, and I don’t know about you but my brain cannot function when my world is cluttered. Like it can’t not focus on things that are out of place.

To this day I remember a moment like 20 years ago when the bombs were exploding in the movie Saving Private Ryan and I was at the theater and I couldn’t even focus on that horrible first six minutes because the woman next to me was like opening her Twizzlers the whole time.

So clutter and chaos and things not in their place have toggled off my focus switch to a certain extent my entire life, but it’s like times a gazillion with brain cancer.

What was I supposed to be talking about? Oh yeah, then when I was mostly over being mad at the cat – and I guess this is how I know I’m a real YouTuber now – I got mad at myself because I didn’t get footage of the office slash studio slash you know whatever this room is that I record in, in its most entropic state. I did remember to film right before I did the reorganizing and stufft, but by that time it no longer looked like the huge freaking deal it really was Saturday morning.

Anyway, I managed to get things back in shape, but by that time I was too tired I just didn’t even want to shoot a new video. So instead I did some maintenance on my channel, tried to get some ideas for improving my videos just generally, and, you know, glared at the cat every time she did something cute.

[Off microphone] And of course, my phone is ringing.


Where was I? Oh! Did you notice my last video used two cameras? It was my first attempt to film from a second angle, and I did struggle a bit to be honest, so a lot of my phone footage was unusable but some of it did work out… and I’m just getting started so I’m trying not to be too critical of myself. I plan tokeep fiddling around with things until I land on something that works for me.

So while I was not filming a Zentangle this weekend, I did manage to start some seeds for the garden. Right now we’ve got, let’s see we planted seven things… we did tomato, jalapeno, bell pepper, lemon balm, and cilantro, snap peas, …and zucchini in their little starter containers. We’ll probably end up buying a few more small, but established plants from the community garden when it’s time for that. Just because the stuff we start from seed, it’s always kind of iffy whether or not it’s gonna take off.

Anyway, I am secretly hoping that when those suckers sprout, it’ll motivate Dan to turn over the garden and repair the one wall that came apart, you know, it’s one of those raised bed deals. We’re not master gardeners by any stretch (although Dan’s thumb is waaaay greener than mine) because we are both limited by chronic illness, but we still really enjoy planting one every year and watching things grow. There was a year or two where we weren’t able to garden at all, either because of where we lived or because I was going through treatment, and that was a real bummer. So we really appreciate having a chance to grow a garden all the more now.

Let’s see next item on the voiceover agenda…oh, Patreon. For those of you who are part of my Patreon community — April is almost over, and that means it’s really close to time for a new chapter of Who You Gonna Believe. It should be up on the 30th as intended, unless, you know, Izzy Destroyer of Worlds, manages to delete my rough draft or something.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who is already a patron. I’m super grateful to you for helping me keep the lights on around here, and I hope you’re enjoying reading and watching my content as much as I’ve been enjoying creating it for you.

Until next time, thanks for watching and sharing, liking (or disliking) my videos and commenting and telling your friends about my stuff.

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