Who You Gonna Believe

WYGB started as a monthly webserial supported by Patrons. Basically, I’ve seen some stuff and I’m telling you all about itmarriage to and divorce from a lying asshole, finding real love, discovering confidence in the face of medical gaslighting, and being diagnosed with brain cancer.


You’re probably thinking my memoir is a low-rate vanity project written by a woman with inoperable cancer, but I assure you it’s funny and highly acclaimed by at least two people.

Neither of those people is my mom, and one of them I’ve never even met in real life.

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The First Time I Got High

Blog Post

Medical cannabis is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t help everyone, but sometimes it helps me. Thank you, Illinois.

Open Letter to Dr. Lee Hartner

open letter

My disability insurance was cancelled for an entire year because Lincoln Financial Group hired a doctor to lie. I called him on it.

Disunion Station

Flash Fiction

Dressed up a political event in a cute little train station costume. What can I say other than reality is exhausting. 

100 Things About Me


One hundred little factoids about me you may or may not find very interesting.

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