In 2017, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. (A grade II diffuse astrocytoma on my brain stem if the details interest you.) Forced to quit my 9 to 5 as a technical copywriter, I underwent brain surgery to biopsy the tumor and radiation and chemotherapy to try and beat it into submission. It shrank a little, but the damn thing is still sitting there and considered inoperable.

I’ve mostly adjusted to what doctors call my “new normal” and what people with no need for such euphemisms call “disability.” 

My journey to diagnosis was fraught with trauma brought on by doctors who dismissed my symptoms and lazily slapped a fibromyalgia diagnosis on my chart, but I fired them.

I now live in Illinois with my husband, Dan, and my cats, Izzy and Oliver. I post Zentangle videos on my YouTube channel as my health allows and blog about my life with an inoperable brain tumor at emilysuess.com

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