Zentangle Art 101

Welcome to Zentangle!

I am so glad you’re here. Zentangle art is a meditative form of drawing developed by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I became interested in its meditative qualities during cancer treatment. But every tangler I’ve met has a different reason Zentangling. Some want to practice self-care, and some just want something fun to do while they’re stuck on hold with the cable company.

What is Zentangle Art?

Zentangle art is a kind of meditative art. Its structured patterns, repetitive strokes, and mindful creation get me out of my own head, and keep me from thinking about all the anxiety that comes with a brain cancer diagnosis. But it’s also a simple way to flex your creative muscle and reduce stress.

Zentangle Pattern Mooka on Phi Tile from CZT training day 3
A Zentangle on the Phi tile

Getting Started with Zentangle

To get started, all you need is something to write with, something to write on, and a Zentangle pattern or two under your belt. If you’re brand new. I recommend How to Draw Zentangles: One Zentangle a Day.

As you progress, you might enjoy watching more detailed videos, joining the Zentangle community for the next Project Pack series on YouTube, or following a video class online—like Ladybug Love taught by Romi Marks, one of my all-time favorite Zentangle pieces.

Zentangle pattern design featuring abstract ladybugs around a gem colored with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils
My Ladybug Love Zentangle art

Zentangle Patterns and Inspiration

You may already know that inspiration for ‘tangling is everywhere, and the Zentangle community is thriving. From online courses to social media groups, you’ll find so many new Zentangle patterns to try, you might feel overwhelmed. But there’s no pressure. Only fun.

Benefits of Zentangle Art

The therapeutic benefits of Zentangle art, like stress reduction, increased focus, and enhanced creativity, are for anyone and everyone who needs a little break but maybe can’t take a fancy vacation. For anyone who needs a distraction from life’s struggles.

When you’re finished with a Zentangle session you can look at your creation with a sense of pride, knowing you created something unique while doing something good for your well-being.

valentines day zentangle hearts
9 Easy Zentangle Patterns: Hearts

Next Steps: Zentangle Resources

If you’d like to learn more, explore! Choose whatever interests you.

Zentangle Pattern Molygon from CZT training day 3
Zentangle tile featuring Molygon

Share Your Art

Spread The Zentangle love and share your creations with me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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